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Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2012 8:46:07 -0500
From:  <>
Subject: RE: sha1 + hex salt

This message was posted on john-dev, listing another way to proceed with this 'format'.  Solar asked that I also post this to the john-users list, mostly due to showing 'how' to do hex salt values.  I had forgotten that the hex prefix was added to the salt string last spring.  So, it is possible, to use a salt for this type problem (embedded nulls, embedded colon : characters, etc)

TO do that, build the salt like:


Here is an example:

This is a salt with 9 NULL bytes

NOTE the HEX$ can be prepended to any salt.  There are no 'special' rules. Also, not every salt within an input file would have to be done that way.  This would be pefectly valid (if these were salts


John would properly load these (they are nonsense example values).  It would properly convert the first one (9 NULLs), the second one is in 'normal' salt format, and the third one would be converted to MMMMM for the salt.

> From: "jfoug"
> Here is another 'way' to write that 16 byte crypt.  This shows a 7 byte and
> a 8 byte password.
> [List.Generic:dynamic_2202]
> Expression=SHA1($p.$s) [16-byte nulled SHA1]
> Func=DynamicFunc__clean_input
> Func=DynamicFunc__append_keys
> Func=DynamicFunc__append_salt
> Func=DynamicFunc__SHA1_crypt_input1_to_output1_FINAL
> Test=$dynamic_2202$20c59472b34ec4b9678b7149d519a2338bc31ba9$HEX$0000000000000000:92086390
> Test=$dynamic_2202$ec21221f0ebdb1e3e2b19726ce6aa13f0b2748e6$HEX$000000000000000000:9208639
> However, for some reason, when I run using this one, I have to 'force' the
> format using -form=dynamic_2202
> The $HEX$ may be causing this 'force'.  It should not, but right now, it
> appears to require that parameter for some reason.
> So, for salt, salt2, and user name, we CAN do hex values, in the existing
> john.  I had totally forgotten about adding this last spring.
> Jim.
> >From: jfoug 
> >
> ><!light!>
> >
> >I had totally forgotten about $HEX$
> >
> >I have to dig back through the dox and code, and try to remember just
> >what
> >we did with this flag within the strings.  This may be what is needed,
> >and
> >an extra flag is something extraneous, and not required.
> >
> >Jim.

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