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Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2011 13:10:13 -0500
From: Rich Rumble <>
Subject: Re: New User - Some JtR questions.

On Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 11:53 AM, APseudoUtopia <> wrote:
> What can I do to give john "hints" to speed up the process? For
> example, I know the passwords I use are all lower-case letters, with a
> couple numbers appended to the end. Is there a trick to setting the
> wordlist rules to do this? Or even in incremental mode?
If the word(s) in the password are not found in the wordlists you have there
are many you can try. If the word(s) are found in the wordlist you have then
the easiest thing to do it would to be to write a rule that appends digits to
your wordlist. Single crack mode does a lot of this already, in particular these

# Lowercase pure alphabetic words and append '1'
<* >2 !?A l $1
# Lowercase pure alphabetic words and append a digit or simple punctuation
<* >2 !?A l $[2!37954860.?]

And this larger section of Single rules do various digits and years#
The rest of two-digit suffix stuff, less common numbers...
<- l Az"[63-5][0-9]"
-c <- (?a c Az"[63-5][0-9]"
# Some multi-digit numbers...
-[:c] (?a \p1[lc] Az"007" <+
-[:c] (?a \p1[lc] Az"123" <+
-[:c] (?a \p1[lc] Az"[0-9]\0\0" <+
-[:c] (?a \p1[lc] Az"1234" <+
-[:c] (?a \p1[lc] Az"[0-9]\0\0\0" <+
-[:c] (?a \p1[lc] Az"12345" <+
-[:c] (?a \p1[lc] Az"[0-9]\0\0\0\0" <+
-[:c] (?a \p1[lc] Az"123456" <+
-[:c] (?a \p1[lc] Az"[0-9]\0\0\0\0\0" <+
# Some [birth] years...
l Az"19[7-96-0]" <+ >-
l Az"20[01]" <+ >-
l Az"19[7-9][0-9]" <+
l Az"20[01][0-9]" <+
l Az"19[6-0][9-0]" <+

A simple rule to append 5 digits (add this to your john.ini file)
l $[0-9]$[0-9]$[0-9]$[0-9]    #(lowercase word, run through 0000-9999)
l $[0-9]$[0-9]$[0-9]$[0-9]$[0-9]    #(lowercase word, run through 00000-99999)

That is very inefficient, and can be re-written better, the two rules
overlap so using one after the other isn't the best idea.

john.exe -format=NT pass.txt -w=passwd.lst -rules=single
or to use the new rules
john.exe -format=NT pass.txt -w=passwd.lst -rules=append-digi

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