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Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2011 07:04:52 +0400
From: Solar Designer <>
Subject: Re: I: failed installation of john 1.7.8

I hesitated about approving the message below, but then decided to let
it through since it brought up some issues that are on topic here.

On Wed, Sep 07, 2011 at 06:13:26PM +0200, wrote:
> ok... i thought it was a sort of help mailing list,

It is - for John the Ripper.  Not for Unix in general.  Yet magnum
provided you with some help on the latter anyway, which was desirable.
However, I felt that continuing the non-John discussion further was not

BTW, this list is not only a "help" list.  It is also a place for users of
John the Ripper to share their experience, even when no questions are asked.

> sorry for bothering you all, bye

That's not what I wanted to communicate to you.  But indeed you're free
to leave if you like.  One of the very reasons why I decided that it was
time to end the Unix 101 discussion was that it'd cause others to leave -
people who are in here for John the Ripper focused topics.

Note that I wrote to you: "please feel free to post again once you
actually have a John the Ripper usage topic."

> ps, sure i won't try the experience with a pro copy of jtr, this is sure, if
> this is the kind of assistance you get when you pay...

No, those who pay for John the Ripper Pro support do get assistance even
with "non-John" issues related to getting JtR Pro to run.  Obviously,
such discussions occur via private e-mail, so they can't possibly annoy
anyone on john-users.

For john-users, we have to strike a balance between helping everyone and
keeping discussions on-topic and desirable for other list members.  I felt
that this discussion thread was about to cross that boundary, becoming
too off-topic.

> btw, how can you declare that obviously i didnt copy the files where i said?

I also wrote: "or/and you did not actually name it psw.tst, nor psw."
There are simply no other likely causes of the error messages you posted.
It is clear that you think you named the files that way and placed them
in the directories you mention, but in fact you did not.  There's no
reason for you to be offended by this guess; it's a purely technical
issue, and everyone makes mistakes.  If you insist that you did
everything the way you say and you don't want anyone to tell you
otherwise, then there's no way to help you.


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