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Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2011 19:26:22 +0000 (UTC)
From: Donovan <>
Subject: Re: md5(md5($p).$s) - VB

firstname lastname <psykosonik_frequenz@...> writes:

> You only need to alter the format in which you input 
the Vbulletin hashes to JTR.
> md5_gen(6) and md5_gen(7) are both correct sub formats for Vbulletin hashes.
> The only difference between them is, one will do the check on 
the number of characters in the salt for you,
> while the other format expects you to do it manually.
> ":" is a valid salt character in vbulletin hashes.
> ":" is also by default the field separator in JTR.
> you need to manually define the field separator.

You can choose it to be a tab
character or a space character.
> So, to get it working, this is how you need to input the hashes.
> user md5_gen(7)33be23d72f2650dd0d049cf1e274fe24$M's
> notice that the "colon" between the hash and the salt was
replaced by a "$". and there's a space between username and md5_gen(7).
> you don't need to specify the format on command line, since JTR will
automatically recognize the format of
> the hash when it parses the hash file using space as the field separator.
> ./john -w:wordlist.txt --field-separator-char=" " hashes.txt
> From what I know, JTR doesn't have support for vbulletin hashes with a 16
character salt. I am not sure if any
> patch was developed to include this support.
> Regards,
> NeonFlash

Hello NeonFlash,

Thanks a lot for your advices & explain, all is fully clear for me now

really appreciated your help !

I try to give an run right now & test...

Best Regards,


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