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Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2011 17:11:45 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: JtR GUI ideas list

<big snip>

I'll snip the parts I have no input on. Hope that is OK.

> Features
> There are some variants about implementation.
> - GUI framework. It was decided to use either WxWidgets or Qt. Both have
>   some benefits.

After re-visiting wxWidgets after several years away from it. I would say
use wxWidgets. It's simple, handles Unicode very well and is used by a lot
of companies. The license works well for JTR too (I believe).

> - programming language. My first proposal was to fastly prototype gui in
>   Python language and then rewrite it in C++. After some debats i think
>   there are three usable variants: to use only C++, to prototype in
>   Python and then use C++, and to use only Python. They all have some
>   benefits.

I would say go pure C++ and forget the other approaches. You can easily
statically link wxWigets and build for Win, Mac and Linux. It makes
distribution to end users dead simple (one executable to give them). I've
used Python with wxPython as well (google Find_SSNs... I wrote that many
years ago) and it uses a pure Python approach. I would not do that again


> GUI specific optional features
> - Start screen (a-la eclipse)

Very easy to implement.


> - i18n (i will provide english and russian languages)

wxWidgets has outstanding Unicode support and great documentation to do this.

I just recently integrated wxWidgets into a password generator I wrote. I
call it SHA1_Pass. Source code and build scripts are on github. I was very
impressed with how wxWidgets has improved over the years, the static
linking has greatly improved. Binary size was impressive too. Unicode
support on Win, Lin and Mac was outstanding and Solar is right, native
look and feel are more important that I had initially felt they were.
While I still use and like FLTK, I think pure C++ and wxWidgets is the
only way to go at this point in time.

Source code here:

Compiled binaries here:

Just my personal opinion, nothing more. I hope it helps.


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