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Date: Sat, 07 Apr 2007 13:46:08 -0400
From: Gavin Westermann <>
Subject: Re: Need help appying a patch to john 1.7.2

Solar Designer wrote:

>The most likely cause is you not running "patch" from the right
>directory and/or not passing the right "-p..." option.  Your actions as
>described in your first posting to the list were obviously wrong, and
>you've never since provided the specific shell commands (all of them,
>starting with extracting the tarball) that you try to use now.  From the
>command line that you did post, it is not clear what directory you're
>running "patch" from.
>>How would I set the 
>>variable $JOHN so the sytem knows the path? In john.conf for example 
>>"MODES" are set to find the .chr files through a path. ie: File = 
>>$JOHN/all.chr I have never set that so maybe the patch is failing becuse 
>>of that?
>No, that's completely irrelevant.
I just started from fresh files and tried both methods of appying the 
patch, one more along your lines and the other from Alain S.

Here is the whole session with some ** comments

e220r% pwd
e220r% ls
john-1.7.2-mscash-alainesp-4.1.diff john-1.7.2.tar
e220r% ** this should be everything I need so here we go**
e220r% tar -xf john-1.7.2.tar
e220r% cp *.gz john-1.7.2/
e220r% cp john-1.7.2-mscash-alainesp-4.1.diff john-1.7.2/
e220r% cd john-1.7.2
e220r% ls
john-1.7.2-mscash-alainesp-4.1.diff run
john-1.7.2-mscash-alainesp-4.1.diff.gz src
e220r% pwd

*** now from inside the main john-1.7.2 directory I'll run Alains 
suggestion on the unzipped diff file

e220r% patch -p1 < john-1.7.2-mscash-alainesp-4.1.diff
Looks like a unified context diff.
File to patch:
220r% ** it stops there asking for the file to patch unlike yours which 
seems to know what and where to find. I cancel that and then run the 
more full version of the patch command on the still compressed file. 
Same end result. Now I don't understand the impact of the different "p" 
modifiers, 1 in Alain's case and 0 in others?

e220r% gunzip -dc john-1.7.2-mscash-alainesp-4.1.diff.gz | patch -p0
Looks like a unified context diff.
File to patch:

Gavin Westermann
(Personal account)

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