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Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 17:16:25 +0000 (UTC)
From:  Phantom <>
Subject:  Inverted chatsets?

Hey Solar

Was wondering if you would consider an option/switch for creating 
"inverted charsets" using the opposite of the algorithm used to create the 
default charsets.

Consider the following scenario:
a passfile with e.g. 1000 hashes.
You have run -single mode, wordlist mode, wordlist -rules and have run the 
different incremental modes for several days/weeks/months...

After all these runs, you still have 50-100 hashes left that have not yet been 
So it might be, that since you have tried the conventional methods, and they 
have stopped beeing efficient, it might be that these last hashes have 
passwords that do NOT follow the conventional patterns and therefor it will take
 very long  to hit them with normal charsets.
However, if one were to attack them using charsets that are the inverted or 
opposite  of the default created ones, one might get faster hits on these 
leftover hashes?
 This might be complete nonsense, but atleast would be interesting to see if 
 opposite charstes would have a better hitrate on these kind of leftover 
 hashes that have already been worked on alot by concentioanl methods and might
  not  follow the conventional "rules" for password creation....

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