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Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 11:51:51 +0200 (CEST)
Subject: Re: Compilation error for 1.7x on ppc64-linux

> I don't know if this is endemic to ppc64, Gentoo, or Linux in general,
> and I'm sure someone else will post what I couldn't find (something
> outlining this issue).  To compound the issue, my disjointed
> bug-posting style:
> [john@...darb src] uname -a
> Linux mandarb 2.6.16-hardened-r6 #2 SMP Wed May 17 09:26:45 CDT 2006
> ppc64 PPC970, altivec supported GNU/Linux
> Running a very current Gentoo system, and when compiling the 1.7x
> series, I get the following error from 'make linux-ppc64-altivec':
> gcc -s -m64 DES_fmt.o DES_std.o DES_bs.o BSDI_fmt.o MD5_fmt.o
> MD5_std.o MD5_apache_fmt.o BFEgg_fmt.o BF_fmt.o BF_std.o AFS_fmt.o
> LM_fmt.o DOMINOSEC_fmt.o lotus5_fmt.o MYSQL_fmt.o KRB5_fmt.o
> KRB5_std.o md5_go.o rawMD5go_fmt.o PO_fmt.o md5.o IPB2_fmt.o
> rawSHA1_fmt.o NSLDAP_fmt.o sha1.o base64.o NT_fmt.o md4.o smbencrypt.o
> mscash_fmt.o batch.o bench.o charset.o common.o compiler.o config.o
> cracker.o crc32.o external.o formats.o getopt.o idle.o inc.o john.o
> list.o loader.o logger.o math.o memory.o misc.o options.o params.o
> path.o recovery.o rpp.o rules.o signals.o single.o status.o tty.o
> wordlist.o unshadow.o unafs.o undrop.o unique.o DES_bs_b.o
> ppc-alti-linux.o -o ../run/john -lcrypto -lssl
> MYSQL_fmt.o:(.text+0x72c): undefined reference to `floor'
> A bit of searching around led me to add '-lm' to LIBS in the Makefile;
> subsequent build attempts are fully successful now.
> Anyone else run into this?  I'm not too concerned about it - easy
> enough fix, just wondered if I'm doing something dumb or not.  Thanks
> for your time!
> RB

Well at first I`ve to say: I don`t own a PPC machine but:

What Compiler are you using (Vendor/Version)
What JOHN-Version are you using?
Do you patch it? (Well I see MySQL in your output..)
 - Did you tried "just" John to be sure that maybe some patches aren`t your

Please notice that Solar said (at least once a weak...) that he does not
maintain external patches.

Kind regards,

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