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Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 09:19:30 +0000
From: Hari Sekhon <>
Subject: Re: john the ripper output

I find that john --show passwdfile works best. The john.pot and john.log 
don't give useful information pairings of username/passwords. john.pot 
holds passwords and hashes, which is fine to look at if the username is 
the same as the password but a bit of a guessing game otherwise...

Thanks for the help guys...

Ps. It would be better if john sent it's output as it's going along the 
same way that most unix programs do so that I could do

./john passwdfile > john.progressfile 2>&1 &

and then just tail -f the john.progressfile. Or even better to nohup 
john and then you could log off/close ssh session etc and ssh back into 
it some time/days later and do the tail -f...

I think this would improve the ability to run jtr. I'll make it a 
feature request to SolarDesigner...

Frank Dittrich wrote:
> I wrote
>> use john --show pwfile or john --status [ --session=session_name ]
> I even got this simple example wrong. (it is --status=NAME)
> Just use john without any parameters,
> and/or read the documentation to find out correct usage examples.
> (What about converting the files in the doc subdirectory
> into a man page?)
> Frank

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