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Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2015 14:40:38 -0400
From: Mathieu Laprise <>
Subject: Re: Improving Johnny

Thanks Aleksey and Shinnok for your kind replies.

I looked at the new development roadmap and I think it will be really
interesting. For the proposal, Alexander would like me to do a summer
detailed timeline. Do you have some hints about that ?

Good news, I did the translation feature. Like I said to Alexander, I won't
have a lot of time to invest this week and next week because I have my
final exams. However, I still do my best to work on Johnny while focusing
on my finals. I'll finish school on April 25th and I won't have school or
jobs until september.

First, I reviewed the code to see if the string were marked as
translatable. Almost all of them were. I found a problematic case in
MainWindow::showJohnError. There were two functions in #define and their
strings didn't register as translatable in the .ts file. I refactored it to
make it works and easier to read. After that,I translated all strings to
french since it's my first language. Finally, I added the .qm file to the
resource file to keep everything in the executable. If you want to test it,
you'll have to set your OS language to french. Do you think it would be
useful to add a top down list in Johnny settings to change language for
people who wouldn't want to use their system language ?

Let's celebrate the first pull request of Johnny :) I double checked with
care and Github says that it can be automatically merged. So there doesn't
seem to have any problems. If you prefer to do it manually, no problem :)

Here is the link :

Here is the procedure that I used in another project that I contributed to
in the past for fun. I always keep my master branch clean and the same as
the original project master (ex:shinnok/master). I do my changes in a
different branch that I keep up to date with my own master. If the project
owner don't accept all the changes from my pull request, it doesn't block
my work because my master is clean and even with the fork's master. I can
then make a new branch and work on something else.  If there is still
important unmerged by the project owner work left in my old branch, I can
"git cherry pick commits" in my new branch. At first, I did make all my
commits on math07/master and it created problems when making pull requests
that were partially merged. Now, I no more do that error ah ah ah !

On Tue, Apr 14, 2015 at 6:12 AM, Shinnok <> wrote:

> Hi Mathieu,
> On Apr 10, 2015, at 11:53 PM, Mathieu Laprise <>
> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I am a 3rd year software engineering student from Polytechique Montréal.
> Solar told me about enhancing the Johnny project this summer as part of
> GSOC. It really picked my interest for two main reasons.
> 1- I am passionated about security and I want to do a master degree in
> that field.
> 2- I love working with the QT framework and C++. I worked with them at
> school and I have done a 4 months 40 hours/week internship last summer in
> QT at Adacel (a company in the aviation field). I really enjoyed this
> internship and it gave me a lot of hands-on experience with QT.
> While reading the mailing list, I have seen that Shinnok and Aleksey were
> working on Johnny and that they couldn't participate as student. I'm really
> interested in working on Johnny. Would you guys be interested in becoming
> mentors ? In my last internship, my boss was busy and he appreciated that I
> was able to work on my own and be self-motivated. I wasn't always asking
> him for help, I was able to solve complex problems by myself and by reading
> documentation.
> I have looked closely at Johnny release plan to make a timeline. Would you
> prefer to do all features of a version before another(exemple: we do
> everything of 1.1, then 1.2 then 1.3) or would you priorize some important
> features first ? Also, what about the features that have Shinnok's name on
> it such as upgrade to qt5, ui overhault, rethink progress bar, Shinnok, do
> you prefer that I do it in my GSOC ?
> We're very glad to have you as a potential candidate for Johnny.
> In the light of the new developments and an evaluation I did for the
> current state of Johnny, I've updated the development roadmap with new or
> clarified tasks and reprioritized the individual tasks so that they are
> easier to follow in a linear fashion. I've also added a coding style rule,
> we should follow that. Please refresh at
> Yes the tasks marked with [TBD Shinnok] I'd like to take care of them
> myself, but I do encourage ideas and contributions of any kind.
> In order to make things easier for you and grease your involvement as well
> as get a better understanding of Jtr and Johnny, I suggest you take on
> these tasks for a start in this specific order:
> i. Version 1.4
> ii. Version 1.5
> iii. Version 1.6
> By the time you completed those 3, which shouldn't be that long since none
> of the individual sub tasks are really difficult, you will have a good
> understanding of both Jtr and Johhny and we can proceed to the more
> advanced stuff. Aleksey, I suggest that we two take on the more difficult
> ones in the meantime so that we have solutions or sketches by the time
> Mathieu will get assigned any of that.
> I've updated my Github repo with some changes that I was missing from
> Aleksey's and since you mentioned that you pulled mine and started the
> translation work on that, hold on to the patches carefully until I figure
> out a repo procedure with Aleksey, since we haven't really used pull
> requests until now and Github goes crazy when you do fetch&merge outside
> it's control(like I did..).
> Shinnok

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