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Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2013 19:06:17 +0400
From: Solar Designer <>
Subject: run/ licensing


Here's my attempt at figuring out the current copyright holders and
licensing terms for run/ files as of 1.7.9-jumbo-7.  As you can
see, a few things are unclear.  I'd appreciate help clarifying them.

Also, we need to expand this to bleeding-jumbo.

Regarding .chr and stats files: it is unclear whether statistics are
subject to copyright (they might not be, for lack of creative content),
although compilations could be copyrighted, and additionally
availability of non-source data files only (not the original passwords,
but only .chr files) might be in conflict with GPLv2.

all.chr                       GPLv2; Solar; data
alnum.chr                     GPLv2; Solar; data
alpha.chr                     GPLv2; Solar; data
benchmark-unify               cut-down BSD; Frank, Solar; code                 unclear; unclear; code
dictionary.rfc2865            unclear; unclear; data; apparently taken from RFC 2865 as published by IETF, which probably implies a certain (non-)copyright status and license
digits.chr                    GPLv2; Solar; data
dumb16.conf                   cut-down BSD; magnum; code
dumb32.conf                   cut-down BSD; magnum; code
dynamic.conf                  unclear; JimF; code, documentation; includes configuration samples, which arguably are "code"
genincstats.rb                unclear; bartavelle; code
john.bash_completion          cut-down BSD; Frank; code
john.conf                     GPLv2; Solar et al.; code, data, documentation; GPLv2 is implied since jumbo contributors were modifying the file by Solar available to them under GPLv2 only
lanman.chr                    GPLv2; Solar; data                  unclear; unclear; code              cut-down BSD; Jean-Michel Picod; code                  cut-down BSD; Solar, JimF; code
mailer                        GPLv2; Solar; code                    public domain; JoMo-Kun; code                  unclear; unclear original author, changes are by Robert B. Harris and Brad Tilley; code                   unclear; Dhiru?; code                   public domain + cut-down BSD fallback; JimF, magnum; code; the copyright notice and license are in doc/pass_gen.Manifest
password.lst                  public domain; Solar; data; hereby placed into the public domain, and additionally it is unclear whether individual lists of words are subject to copyright (they might not be, for lack of creative content), although compilations (such as a collection of multiple word lists) could be copyrighted                cut-down BSD with slight language change; Didier ARENZANA; code; the license adds "as long as the original author is referenced", which is wording not found in BSD license
relbench                      cut-down BSD; Solar, Frank; code                   cut-down BSD; sap loverz, magnum; code; says "Original code believed to be "(c) x7d8 sap loverz, public domain" (as noted in sapB_fmt_plug.c)", then places magnum's derived work (this Perl script) under cut-down BSD license                   unclear; unclear; code                   unclear; unclear; code               unclear; unclear; code
stats                         unclear; bartavelle; data


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