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Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2013 09:24:40 -0600
From: "jfoug" <>
To: <>
Subject: RE: Speeding up WPAPSK, by leveraging salt shortcomings

Here is my plan on the wpapcap2john:

essid going into field 0 (user id)
hash going into field 1  (of course)
dashed MAC into field 2 (user field)

Does this sound correct?

From: magnum [] 

On 30 Jan, 2013, at 6:04 , jfoug <> wrote:
> From: magnum []
>> BTW, the *cap2john utility should put the essid in a login field. 
>> This way, with just this one-line patch, you can take advantage of 
>> the same-essid optimization by just attacking one essid at a time, 
>> using
>> ./john -user:netgear
>> Another really great advantage is that Single mode will permute essids
into candidates. That might prove very rewarding.
>> Also, the utility should definitely fill in the bssid (mac address) in
some field. How else would you know *which* of the 110 "netgear" you
cracked? As we can't use colons, this must be in dash form
(de-ad-ba-be-ca-fe) or compressed (deadbabecafe) and could be put in the uid
field or whatever (but NOT a fields read by Single!).
> Great point(s). I will add ssid to user field.  I am not quite sure 
> where to put the bssid.

It should go to the uid field (IIRC this is not a numeric-only field as one
might think) because then you could also use the --user option to pick a
certain BSSID to attack from a larger file.

>  Also, is there some field that would show up on a -show or other way.

For this, the BSSID would be better put in the login field but that would
seriously hurt Single mode so this is out of question. We could add a
john.conf option ShowUIDinCracks = Bool, that when set will add the uid to
the crack output. So instead of the normal real-time crack output:

password123      (Administrator)
sesame           (root)
Induction        (netgear)

We'll get this:

password123      (Administrator:500)
sesame           (root:0)
Induction        (netgear:31-33-7b-ab-e5-00)

...or something like that (for this output, using dashes is better than not
when storing BSSID). Something similar could be done to --show using the
same config option.

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