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Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2012 21:58:36 -0500
From: "jfoug" <>
To: <>
Subject: RE: RAdmin, SIP speedup

Here is an update to dynamic.

$ ../run/john -test=5 -form=dynamic_1010
Benchmarking: dynamic_1010 dynamic_1010: RAdmin v2.x MD5 [32/32 128x1
(MD5_Body)]... DONE
Raw:    2117K c/s real, 2122K c/s virtual

$ ../run/john -test=5 -form=dynamic_1011
Benchmarking: dynamic_1011 dynamic_1011: RAdmin v2.x MD5 [32/32 128x1
(MD5_Body)]... DONE
Raw:    2582K c/s real, 2587K c/s virtual

Expression=dynamic_1011: RAdmin v2.x MD5

And here is the set_input_len_100().  It now keeps data from the prior
password cleaned up.  No reason to memset the buffers each time (100bytes is
large for the memset).
void DynamicFunc__set_input_len_100()
	unsigned j;
#ifdef MMX_COEF
	if (dynamic_use_sse==1) {
		exit(!!fprintf(stderr, "Error, in your DYNAMIC script.\nIt
is NOT valid to call DynamicFunc__set_input_len_100 in SSE2/MMX mode\n"));
	for (j = 0; j < m_count; ++j)
		unsigned char *cp;
#if MD5_X2
		if (j&1)
			cp =
			cp =
		while (*cp)
			*cp++ = 0;
		total_len_X86[j] = 100;

Also, I see what you meant by the core, and I will get on it.  I got the
same core, when I left the append_keys in the 1011 format.  Dynamic
complains, stating that is an invalid operation, but then cores.


>From: Solar Designer []
>Jim - by the way, if I remove the "Func=DynamicFunc__clean_input" line,
>I get not only a meaningful error message, but also a segfault.  You
>could want to investigate this.
>Dynamic is slightly faster:
>Benchmarking: dynamic_1010 dynamic_1010: RAdmin v2.x MD5 [32/64 64x2
>(MD5_Body)]... DONE
>Raw:    3526K c/s real, 3526K c/s virtual
>However, RAadmin with OpenMP is faster yet:
>Benchmarking: RAdmin v2.x MD5 [32/64]... (8xOMP) DONE
>Raw:    10754K c/s real, 1344K c/s virtual

Yes, it is 'faster', but you are burning all 8 cores, for just a 3x
improvement, and with the dynamic changes I propose, you are probably only
get a 2.5x improvement, again, burning all 8 cores.  


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