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Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2012 19:25:01 -0500
From: "jfoug" <>
To: <>
Subject: RE: doc/DYNAMIC (was: don't #include <omp.h> unless defined(_OPENMP))

>From: Frank Dittrich []
>I also noticed that the documentation for dynamic formats wasn't really
>up to date.
>I tried to improve that a little bit with my patch. Please have a look.

Thank you.  Tell me about the out of date dox.  What dingo out there does
not keep his dox up to date.  We should fire him ;^0

>Probably more can be done here.
>Some of the Examples included in doc/DYNAMIC are syntactically not
>correct, and john will complain about errors:
>(But may be the errors existed for a long time, and we have more
>important errors to fix.)

Agreed. I do need some clean up, and also doc some missing things.  Hell,
the CONSTx=string is not even documented in the dyna_script document (my

> clip of examples

Again, thanks for the fixes.  They are certainly correct.  They are far from
comprehensive on what needs to be added.  I doubt that sha1 is documented
(much), that how to (and WHY to) switch from SSE to X86 and back is not
documented well, and I am 99% sure that Md4 is not even mentioned.

Unfortunately, there was quite a bit of 'want to do' on the dynamic, and a
lot of that was put in there.  But proper dox have NOT been done to match up
with dynamic really 'does', and how/what you can script with it.  It is
probably too late to get this into J6, especially since I do not have the
time to put into it right now to get it 'correct'.  I hope I have a little
more time later in the week, but right now, I am not even at a computer. I
am 50 miles outside of town camping, using a borrowed smart phone to VPN
into home.  Certainly not an ideal setup to look at a 8k+ line format, and
try to get the dox right.


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