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Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2012 14:37:25 +0200
From: Frank Dittrich <>
Subject: Re: Patch: allow --markov=SECTION in addition to --markov[=[MIN_LEVEL-]LEVEL[:START[:END[:[MIN_LENGHT-]LENGTH]]]]

On 06/10/2012 02:20 PM, jfoug wrote:
>> From: Simon Marechal []
>> run like this :
>> -markov:300:0:1148673650879:24 -sess:markov0
>> -markov:300:1148673650879:2297347301758:24 -sess:markov1
>> -markov:300:2297347301758:3446020952637:24 -sess:markov2
>> -markov:300:3446020952637:4594694603516:24 -sess:markov3
>> -markov:300:4594694603516:5743368254395:24 -sess:markov4
>> -markov:300:5743368254395:0:24 -sess:markov5
> If I were going to use new logic, I would do it like this:
> [Markov:mybase]
> Statsfile = $JOHN/stats
> MkvLvl = 300
> MkvMaxLen = 24
> [Markov:m0]
> .include [Markov:mybase]
> MkvStart = 0
> MkvEnd = 1148673650879
> [Markov:m1]
> .include [Markov:mybase]
> MkvStart = 1148673650879
> MkvEnd = 2297347301758
> [Markov:m2]
> -markov:m0 -sess:markov0
> -markov:m1 -sess:markov1

Yes, this should work even with the current patch.
But it I understood Simon correctly, he wants to be able to calculate
start and end in a script, and also start the different markov sessions
from a script without the need to modify john.conf or another config file.
So, I'd like to make Simon (as the original author of Markov mode) happy
as well.
And I think this can be easily accomplished.

Sure, the number of options and variants when using Markov mode will
increase. But to efficiently use Markov mode, you'll have to read
doc/MARKOV anyway.

As long we don't break existing behavior (more than requiring the Markov
variables in john.conf to be specified in [Options:Markov] or in
[Markov:Default] instead of the global [Options] section), then I see no
Of course, the available options have to be well documented in doc/MARKOV.

Then, the current Markov mode usage
will just be extended to


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