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Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2012 12:03:28 +0100
From: Lukas Odzioba <>
Subject: Re: Self test woes

2012/3/22 magnum <>:
> I do not have any particular proposition though. Any ideas? This format
> is extreme but I think the problem is noticable with most other GPU
> formats too.
Especialy for slow-ones this is a real problem.

> Just disabling self-test with a flag would be easy but
> that's not a good solution - we need the tests. Maybe we could have a
> flag that tells john to collate all tests into just one or two calls to
> crypt_all()?
This might introduce problems when tests won't be able to find some
"trash" values from previous crypt_all() runs.

We should think more about testing. I often had problems because
format working great on tests but not on a real crack. I tried to
solve it using unit testing last summer, it helped a bit, and thanks
for that I could propose some "trivial" tests that could be included
to jtr testing routine like simple comparision strcmp(arg1,arg2),
where set_key(k,arg1), and arg2=get_key(k). Problem might sound stupid
but I fall into if 2-3 times and others might too.

Maybe we could separate tests from benchmarks, what is now the problem
(formats needs a lot of hashes to get good performance).
All my formats now are using predefined or calculated once
keys_per_crypt value and do not care about crypt_all(int n) argument
at all.

Current solution has at least two disadvantages:
1) test takes too much time
2) we are spending gpu power on wordlist attacts, when size of
wordlist is much smaller than keys_per_crypt.


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