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Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2011 07:51:00 -0500
From: "jfoug" <>
To: <>
Subject: RE: ISO-8859-1 casing (experimental)

>-Original Message- From: magnum:

>Why is it called ISO5998_1?

It is not any more, typing error, then cut/paste.

NOTE, I have redone things fully, removing the -utf8 switch and the new one,
and replace it with --charset=value with value being utf8, utf-8 (any case),
ansi, iso8859-1, 8859-1 (any case) as being acceptable values.  There are
only 2 final values set, but any of those will 'work'.  I also changed
--create-charset=fname to --create-incremental=fname (and tried to change
the usage of charset in the documentation to 'follow'), to avoid confusion.

I will try to get this patch out this weekend.

>+       if (options.flags & FLG_ISO5998_1) {
>+               conv_tolower = rules_init_conv(CHARS_UPPER
>+               conv_toupper = rules_init_conv(CHARS_LOWER
>+       } else {
>+               conv_tolower = rules_init_conv(CHARS_UPPER,
>+               conv_toupper = rules_init_conv(CHARS_LOWER,
>+       }
>If using an enum instead, things like the above would be a switch
>statement, right?

Correct, but right now, it is 'raw' or iso8859-1 only.

>The whole thing looks pleasantly simple. I like it! It could be improved
>to affect all uc/lc stuff within formats (I think LM, NETLM, NETHALFLM
>and sapB are affected). These could use a shared --charset aware uc (or
>lc) function. Once they do, adding a codepage to that shared function
>would affect all applicable formats. But we'd have to beware of
>performance drops.

That was the plan.  This is just sticking a toe in the water, to test it's


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