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Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2011 21:28:49 +0200
From: Frank Dittrich <>
Subject: Re: Johnny GUI interactive status from John

Hi Shinnok

Am 03.07.2011 16:29, schrieb Shinnok:
> *Another issue with this one is that john updates the status in
> john.rec as often as specified in john.conf "Save" directive, which
> by default it is set to 600 seconds. Using this from the GUI would
> mean to modify the configuration to something like 5s or 10s.

You can force a status update by sending a signal 1 (SUGHUP)
to the corresponding process:

kill -s 1 <pid_of_john_instance>

May be you should update the status only if the user presses
a "refresh status info" button.
Another option would be to send the kill -s 1 ... command only
if the user actually is displaying at the status information.
The update interval could be configurable by the user.
This should, however, be a new option, not the Save = ... option
in the [Options] section.

Maybe the [Options] section should be renamed to [Options:General]
or [Options.General], with a fallback to [Options] when it is missing.

GUI specific options could be configured under [Options:GUI] or

[Options.GUI] is probably the better alternative.
If at some time in the future there are different GUIs,
we could use [Options.GUI] for common GUI options,
[Options.GUI:Johnny] for options specific for Johhny,
and so on.

Somewhat OT for GUI implementation problems, but:
One could also argue that options specific to markov mode
justify a separate section.
That means, instead of

MkvLvl = 200
MkvMaxLen = 12

we could use

MkvLvl = 200
MkvMaxLen = 12

or even

Level = 200
MaxLen = 12

A fallback to the old/current way of specifying these options
in the john.conf [Options] section is probably required. 

Even extending this would be possible/reasonable:

Level = 200
MaxLen = 12
StatsFile = $JOHN/stats


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