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Date: Sun, 29 May 2011 19:28:58 +0200
From: magnum <>
Subject: Re: John 1.7.7-jumbo-5

On 2011-05-29 19:14, JFoug wrote:
> Openwall release (may need touched up, but contains description of all
> changes in the patch file)
> Changes from 1.7.7-jumbo-1 to 1.7.7-jumbo-5
> MPI/OMP code and support added (magnum)

For MPI you should add Ryan Lim and AoZ.

> Enhancements to Markov engine, adding minlevel and minlen (Simon ???)

Yes that was Simon.

> ETA now working for -incremental runs. (magnum)

Only until you stop and restore the job, not sure if that needs to be 

> code moved from loader.c into 'prepare()' for: LM, NT, oracle, md5_gen,
> mscash2, mssql05, MSCHAPv2, NETLM, NETLMv2, NETNTLM, NETNTLMv2,

I did mssql05 ;-) but more importantly I changed the NTHALFLM/NETLM to 
not be over-promiscuos (they loaded NETNTLM-only hashes) and fixed some 
other flaws originally from loader.c

> utf8 support added to: MSCHAPv2, NETLMv2m NETNTLM, NETNTLMv2, NT,
> mscash, mscashv2, mskrb5. mssql, mssql05, oracle, sapG (magnum)

You could mention yourself too here because you helped out a LOT all the 
way from the start!

> Changed NT's asm code (x86_sse.S) to properly work with UTF-8. (Alain
> Espinosa ????)

Yes, that's Alain

> Markov code, added minlevel and minlen. Bumped level=0 from 350 to 400
> (Simon)

That last level bump was me, but just skip that statement, it's not even 
phrased correctly and I can't come up with any better. Not important 
anyway, it's in one of the helper programs.

> Added 'common' memory image dumping functions, for flat and for MMX
> buffers (magnum)

Wasn't me! I don't even know what that is about  :-D


I think you missed these (or I missed them now, the list is long!):
* NETNTLM format now supports Extended Session Security (ESS) hashes 
* Configurable ETA date string format (magnum)
* Optionally auto-disable OMP (or warn) when MPI is in use (magnum)


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