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Date: Sun, 29 May 2011 12:14:02 -0500
From: "JFoug" <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: John 1.7.7-jumbo-5

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Solar Designer" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, May 29, 2011 4:42 AM
Subject: Re: [john-dev] John 1.7.7-jumbo-5

> One of these should be suitable for
> posting to john-users and announce lists.

Openwall release (may need touched up, but contains description of all 
changes in the patch file)

Changes from 1.7.7-jumbo-1 to 1.7.7-jumbo-5

Even though this update is heavily loaded new functionality/enhancements, it 
should also hopefully prove over time to be a stable release as well.
Intrinsic SSE code incorporated into the jumbo. Numerous formats patched 
(Listed below), and sse-intrinsics.c/.h files added (Simon)
-utf8 (UTF-8 or full 16 bit Unicode) support, in several formats, and with 
rules support and other infrastructure support.  Support code now all in 
unicode.c/h removed file smbencrypt.c (older support code) (magnum)
MPI/OMP code and support added (magnum)
Structural changes to fmt_main, including new prepare function (and changes 
to init and valid).  prepare() allows format's to control format line 
morphing, which before was hacked into loader.c.  These changes touched the 
source for every format file, and they will not be listed separately. (JimF)
Changes to md5_gen so it appears as multiple individual formats, and not a 
format that morphs, required the fmt_main changes. Also all of the md5_gen 
specific code stripped out of formats.c and bench.c as that code is not 
needed any more. (JimF).
md5_gen back and forth from X86 to MMX code (allows formats which used to 
not work no SSE builds to be used on them now) (JimF).
md5_gen Added limited support for SHA1 hashing, uppercase, lowercase, 
ios-8859-1 to UTF-8 support, 'username', and support for any multiple salts, 
or any other GECOS field(s) (JimF).
md5_gen Added new built-in formats (md5_gen(18) to md5_gen(28)).  These 
include PO, PIX, salted PIX, HDAA, some SHA stuff, FreeBSD/Apache MD5 (JimF)
md5_gen changed 'thin' format linking, thus had to update PHPS, PHPass, and 
raw-md5 to use the new methods (JimF).
timer.c/.h added for portable high res timing 'class' used in some testing 
code for md5_gen.  However, this code can be used in other parts of john. 
Speed improvement for md5_gen for non-MMX/SSE builds.  Now using MD5 and X2 
MD5 from md5_std.c (JimF)
New formats: mskrb5 (magnum), rawMD5unicode (magnum), salted_sha1 (Simon 
???, this one is nsldaps, but using SSE2i).
Enhancements to Markov engine, adding minlevel and minlen  (Simon ???)
ETA now working for -incremental runs. (magnum)
format 'listing' in options.c now done dynamically (magnum)
-mem-file-size=0 will load any sized wordfile into memory. 
 Also -mem-file-size=1 or =2 for special MPI usage (magnum).
New options (-inp=fname, -ex_file=fname, -ex_file_only=fname and -mem=num) 
added to unique program, for usability and performance  (JimF).
Removed DOS line endings from DMD5 source file (JimF)
Increased max password length of HDAA from 16 to 32, and changed some 
#defines for STDC (JimF/magnum)
Increased max password length of Netscreen from 15 to 25. (JimF)
Increased max password length of mssql05/mssql from 20 to 25. (JimF)
Fixed bug in mssql/mssql05 MMX/SSE2 builds crypt_all() function, which 
caused them to not work for more than 1 salt, even though they passed self 
test (JimF)
In several formats, switch from malloc, to mem_alloc_tiny (JimF)
prepare() in LM_fmt.c to handle pwdump format (was in loader.c) (JimF)
SSE intrinsic added to md5_fmt.c, and got intrinsic working for both $1$ and 
$aprl$  (Simon / JimF)
SSE intrisics also added to raw-md4, raw-sha1, and raw-md5 (through thin 
format to md5_gen(0)).  Intrinsics also used in other formats (Simon).
code moved from loader.c into 'prepare()' for: LM, NT, oracle, md5_gen, 
utf8 support added to:  MSCHAPv2, NETLMv2m NETNTLM, NETNTLMv2, NT, mscash, 
mscashv2, mskrb5. mssql, mssql05, oracle, sapG  (magnum)
NETNTLMv2, bench.c   (magnum)
Fixed REQ_ALIGN crash problems in:  HDAA, MSCHAPv2, NETLM, NETLMv2, NETNTLM, 
NETNTLMv2, NSLDAPS, NSLDAP, OPENLDAPS, mscash, mscashv2, mssql, mssql05, 
oracle, raw-md4   Note, some crash problems existed in Jumbo-1, and some 
were needed due to J1->J5 performance changes, and -utf8 support. (JimF)
Changed NT's asm code (x86_sse.S) to properly work with UTF-8. (Alain 
Espinosa ????)
Fixed compile problem in bench.c for Solaris (Solar)
Additional information added to self-tests (helps in debugging)  (magnum).
Markov code, added minlevel and minlen.  Bumped level=0 from 350 to 400 
hmac_md5 code sped up  (but this turned up several REQ_ALIGNMENT issues that 
had to be addressed). (magnum)
make check now working again (was broken in john.c).  Also works for Win32 
builds (JimF).
loader.c stripped down, and code moved into proper format's prepare() 
function  (JimF).
-nolog option added (keeps data from being written to john.log file)  (JimF)
Made changes to md5_mmx.S/md5.h sha1_mmx.S/sha1.h so that the object files 
build by MinGW can be used by M$ Visual C.  (JimF)
changes to md5_go.c, added a MD5_Go2() function where the output buffer 
space is passed in (JimF)
Added 'cleanup' code to mem_alloc_tiny() calls, allowing better checking for 
leaked memory at program exit (JimF)
Added 'common' memory image dumping functions, for flat and for MMX buffers 
Created a new shammx_nofinalbyteswap function that leaves result in LE 
format. (JimF)
mysqlSHA1, reduced memset, and improved speed 10-15% Use new 
shammx_nofinalbyteswap function, and skip swap and unswap (2-3% speed 
increase) (JimF)
raw-md5 converted to a 'thin' md5_gen format (Simon)
Added new rules for is binary, and reject if (if not) -utf8 used.
Changes made to x86-64.h (and some 32 bit arch.h files), so that different 
compilers would get different SSE_PARA values.  Better tuning ability.  May 
still need a little work, as values chosen were done so based upon 
assumptions from prior email discussions and not physical testing.  (JimF).
Created a new x86-sse2i.h to allow intrinsics to be used with 32 bit 
compilers, while still leaving the 32 bit .S SSE2 code working.  This is 
more for testing, since most 32 bit builds are much slower with intrinsic vs 
.S builds (JimF).

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