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Date: Mon, 9 May 2011 14:57:17 -0500
From: "jfoug" <>
To: <>
Subject: RE: FW: the jumbo-2 RC1

>From: magnum Sent: Monday, May 09, 2011 2:03 PM
>I think the fastest way to get stuff stable again is to make an utter


>mess at once and then sort it out. That's just my opinion, and the
>rationale is that all major core changes will be made and everybodys
>patches will be a lot smaller and clash a lot less from that point.
>So we/you/Solar/I could create a Jumbo-3 (still not for the masses)

I am working on intrinsic in a jumbo format.  To do that, all builds should work.  Thus, non-SSE, .S 32 bit SSE, .S 32 bit MMX, and intrinsic builds all should work.

>right now with MPI, UTF-8 and the auto-formats-list added (btw the
>posted version works fine with your Jumbo-2 except it starts with
>listing md5-gen 21 times or so :). 

This is due to order the init stuff is done.  The only stipulation (right now), is that md5_gen gets init prior to md5_std.  The order can be change, so  that it is 'closer' to the john 'real' release order.

>Then as soon as Intrinsics are ready,
>throw them in for a Jumbo-4. 

I am working to get intrinsic stuff done.  It is NOT far off.  However, there are some formats which need work.

>If not, release a Jumbo-4 as soon as it's
>there. Likewise, as soon as someone updates the SybaseASE/rar/ssh
>formats (easy fixes) we can throw out a new Jumbo-RC with them, bumping
>the revision number. Same goes for the Makefile ideas, if someone has
>the time to look at that. During this time bugs will be found and fixed
>but those patches will likely be small, non-intrusive and not by far as
>demanding on exact versions of everything around.
>I believe it wouldn't take very long before things are pretty stable
>again, and from that day, format patches will almost never clash (if we
>get that Makefile magic)!

The 'clash', comes from

1. makefile  - .o inclusion.
2. params.h  - version number
3. options.c - the list of formats supported
4. john.c    - declaration of fmt structs, and calling of fmt structs init.

I believe we can work around all of these. I am not sure about makefile, but I am sure there are some make wizards out there that can do it quickly.

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