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Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2011 14:42:30 -0700
From: David Hulton <>
Subject: Re: Yuri's Status Report - #11 of 15


The pico_drv project is the actual pico driver, the software APIs are
located in $PICOBASE/software/source and $PICOBASE/software/include. I
would look at the object files that are used when compiling the hello
world application and just make sure that they are included in the
build of JtR.


On Tue, Jul 26, 2011 at 12:37 PM, Yuri Gonzaga <> wrote:
> Hi, there!
> I am sorry for the lateness of this report.
> Accomplishments
> David has set a remote machine with a M501 board. It is working fine!
> Helloworld example run properly both by "purty" (using ssh -X) and
> "PicoBus128_Helloworld.cpp"
> Eksblowfish loop verilog was adapted to PicoBus128, including some
> simulation
> Modification to JtR code to communicate with a single loop core.
> In this point, I need some help.
> I changed the JtR's Makefile to include the search path
> "$PICOBASE/software/include" in CFLAGS variable.
> Moreover, I run make on folder $PICOBASE/software/pico_drv and copied pico.o
> to JtR's source folder.
> So, I included the pico.o to JOHN_OBJS variable in JtR's Makefile.
> Apparently, it compiled well, but returned the following error message:
>> make[1]: *** No rule to make target `BF_std.o', needed by `../run/john'.
>>  Stop.
>> make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/yuri/john-1.7.8/src'
>> make: *** [linux-x86-64] Error 2
> How is the best way to tell make where to find Pico includes and compiled
> library for PicoDrv?
> Verilog for multiple cores manager (not finished)
> Priorities
> Correct JtR's makefile to compile and link properly
> It will be useful both to one as multiple cores
> Test JtR's on M501 for single core
> Finish verilog for Manager of multiple cores
> Integrate to Alexander's patch for JtR multiple cores
> Test JtR's on M501 for multiple cores
> Best Regards,
> ---
> Yuri Gonzaga Gonçalves da Costa

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