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Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2011 07:21:47 +0400
From: Solar Designer <>
Subject: [openwall-announce] JtR 1.7.7-jumbo-5; better /lists/; bitcoin donations


This is one of those cumulative announcements.  I'll start with the most
important and most recent item:

1. After several development-only revisions of the jumbo patch, we've
finally released one intended for actual use.  Yes, it's an upgrade from
1.7.7-jumbo-1 straight to -jumbo-5 for the adventurous users.  Quite
possibly, this is the largest single jumbo patch update we made so far.

The full 1.7.7-jumbo-5 tarball and just the patch may be downloaded here:

Most of the work towards this update was by JimF and magnum (or vice
versa), although it also integrates major contributions by bartavelle
and smaller ones by others in the community (thanks to all of you!)

Here's a summary of the major changes:

* MD5 and SHA-1 based hashes have been sped up with SSE2/AVX intrinsics.

* md5_gen has been expanded with more hash types.

* UTF-8 support has been added ("--utf8").

* MPI parallelization support for all cracking modes has been integrated.

* OpenMP parallelization support has been added to more hash types.

* New formats have been added: mskrb5 (offline attack on MS Kerberos 5
pre-authentication data), rawMD5unicode (MD5 of UCS-2 encoded
plaintext), and salted_sha1 (faster handling of some LDAP {SSHA} hashes).

* The "unique" program, Markov mode, ETA display, and programming interfaces
have been enhanced.

A far more complete list of changes has been posted to john-users:

Please give this new revision a try and provide some feedback (on
john-users). :-)

2. Our web interface to archives of Openwall's, Openwall-hosted, and
other relevant mailing lists has been enhanced to include month and day
index pages with message subjects and authors (finally), and we're
working on further enhancements to it:

For the curious, five years of linux-kernel (almost 5 GB in mbox format)
took two minutes to re-index, using 25 seconds of CPU time, on a fairly
old machine and with the file being quite fragmented.  The index file
size is approx. 3% of the mbox size (before the addition of Subjects and
Froms, it was approx. 1%).

3. We have started to accept bitcoin donations to support our project:

So if you happened to contribute to the global warming anyway, feel free
to send those bitcoins our way. ;-)

That's all for now.  Expect more JtR news from us later this month.


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