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These are the non-slides we used for ZeroNights 2014 keynote talk. Please refer to the main web page for the game for more information and other versions. The game is comfortably playable online in recent web browsers on fast CPUs, but not as much in older browsers and/or on slower CPUs (you can download a copy and play offline in your own DOSBox, though, which works perfectly even on slower CPUs). Please use the mouse (left button) to navigate, choose commands, etc. Arrow keys on the keyboard (and some other keystrokes, such as F3 to load a saved game) may also work (varies by web browser and its current state). Although the game image is read-only (in this online version), thereby preventing you from saving your own games (unless you download a version to play offline), there are many pre-saved games at varying progress through the game that you can load.

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