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Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2014 22:41:00 -0600
From: will cunningham <>
Subject: Re: changing/fixing the tarballs in the butch

OK I've got what I need loaded.  A couple pieces of business to close this
thread out...

You need to add xorg to the dependencies of qt4, or figure out what subset
of xorg it need to compile.  Building qt4 right after stage1 and core it
broke with a message something about an X11 lib, but after I installed xorg
it built fine.  The no cups addition to the pkg file worked.

I still get tarballs not downloading somewhat randomly, and I've found that
if it starts to download but doesn't complete, you have to go in
/src/tarballs and delete the source so it'll start fresh on the download
and not just try to work with what's there partially.  Also when something
doesn't build, rebuilding the last lib in the log and then restarting with
butch rebuild instead of butch install on the unfinished build usually gets
it done.  Not scientific, but trying several combinations to get apps built
this has worked for me.

Finally, it's time for me and Firefox to get a divorce.  It was wonderful
when we first got to watch x264 videos together on the web in the mid
2000s, but we've both gotten fatter since then and she's more interested in
younger kids who need more of her sexy features and resents my lack of
interest.  It just wouldn't load for me, and even crashed my system a few
times.  Sorry, but I just don't wanna spend more time on this faze of the
journey with an app I'm dumping soon anyway. I wanna play with gals with
less baggage from now on, even if they aren't in the in group.

I have all the base apps installed I need and I can start getting the
system configured/ready to add my meat n potato apps.

Thanks so much for your help,


On Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 12:29 PM, will cunningham <>

> Also, butch keeps rebuilding things that are already installed.  Is this
>> something that happens to you?
> >no, this never happens to me. could you elaborate ?
> >in general "butch rebuild pkg" just rebuilds "pkg" and none of pkg's
> >dependencies. what's the exact command you're using?
> This was happening when I tried to install firefox again after it not
> installing.  That is, it wouldn't install, and I would retype 'butch
> install firefox,' and some of the dependencies would rebuild as if butch
> didn't know they were installed.
> It was also weird the way some of the deps wouldn't download for a while
> and then would.  That is, say there were 10 deps;  three might not be able
> to download;  I'd check on this computer that they were there and
> downloadable, but after a while they'd download fine.
> Thanks for the qt4 amendment. I wiped everything out and in the next 24
> I'm trying a couple different orders of compiling apps.  Doing this a few
> times mixing it up we'll see if thinks like the above happen regularly.
> We're gettin there,
> Will
> On Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 4:21 AM, John Spencer <
>> wrote:
>> will cunningham wrote:
>>> Firefox just compiles until it runs out of something.  It didn't run out
>>> of
>>> disk space yesterday but finally ran out of some IO somewhere, but it did
>>> run out of ram the day before compiling it and I realized I hadn't added
>>> my
>> yeah it's quite resource-heavy. iirc the minimum that i needed to get it
>> built is 2GB of RAM with 1GB swap. also you'd need at least 3-4 gb free in
>> /src/build and /tmp.
>> so usually i only build it on a desktop system with loads of RAM, cores
>> and HDD space.
>>  swap partition to fstab, and that time it said specifically that it was a
>>> memory problem.
>>> Also, butch keeps rebuilding things that are already installed.  Is this
>>> something that happens to you?
>> no, this never happens to me. could you elaborate ?
>> in general "butch rebuild pkg" just rebuilds "pkg" and none of pkg's
>> dependencies. what's the exact command you're using?
>> and keep in mind there's only one instance of butch that should be
>> running at a given time since they're all trying to write butch.db.
>>> I'm also on an x86_64 machine so there must be something different if
>>> you're not having these problems.  If I can't figure it out in the next
>>> couple, I'll start again and see if these problems come up in the chroot
>>> environment, as it could be something in how I've loaded it on my hard
>> for best results i'd just build the problematic packages straight after
>> stage1 so there's no additional libraries that could trigger optional
>> dependencies (like in qt4).
>> ofc even better would be to detect the problems and explicitly disable
>> the unwanted optional features.
>>  drive, and/or configured my kernel, the system etc, though that seems
>>> kind
>>> of odd.
>>> onward,
>>> Will
>> --JS

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