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Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2013 21:00:15 +0000
From: John Spencer <>
Subject: [ANN] Dwarf Fortress 34.11 available for sabotage/musl

dwarf fortress[0] is a very well known freeware game available for 
linux, however only for glibc based systems, and i386 (32bit) only.

the graphics part of it is opensource, available here: [1]
i forked it and applied a couple of patches to remove GTK+ and
OpenGL dependencies, so it works with plain SDL and stdio[2].

using this trimmed down, it's possible to run
the GLibc linked binary thanks to musl's ABI compatibility
(either by patching the DT_INTERP with patchelf to point to
musl's dynlinker, or by launching /lib/ $binary,
we do the latter in order to not touch the original binaries).

the was additionally linked against ncurses, so
it can be used even in a raw terminal if no X server is available.
to use the ncurses driver, change the driver from "2D" to "TEXT"
in data/init/init.txt.

i've uploaded 3 full DF tarballs containing this custom to

dwarf_fortress_34_11_linux_musl.tar.xz :
equivalent to the original df_34_11_linux.tar.bz2 from upstream.
only and has been swapped
out for sabotage ones to reduce the incompatibility surface.
note that from GCC >= 4.6 is not compatible with the
game binary.
sha512 checksum: 

dwarf_fortress_34_11_linux_musl_including_all_deps.tar.xz :
same as above, however all needed 32bit libraries have been added.
that way this tarball can be extracted on a x86_64 or i386 system
and started without further ado.

same as above, plus the graphical tileset "mayday".
mayday support has been added using the patch/script available on [3].

so, now that even DF works on musl, there's no reason waiting any longer 
to switch completely :-)

have lots of Fun,


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