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Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 03:10:04 +0400
From: Solar Designer <>
Subject: Re: Problem with big file in mail spool dir

On Tue, Sep 17, 2002 at 06:46:30PM -0400, Jonathan wrote:
> The problem is that I have this error "-ERR" when I try to do a connection 
> manually on the pop3 server just next this command "user xxxxx"

Hmm.  Maybe after the PASS, not USER?

The reason should be in the logs.

> If i put the file on an other server with a other pop3 server it's ok. I have 
> a long delai (between 1 and 2 minutes) to do the connexion but I'm able to 
> get all mails.
> The size of the mail file is very big (about 130 megs) and a mail contents an 
> attachement of 100 megs).

popa3d does by default have a mailbox size limit intended to prevent a
single huge mailbox from disrupting the entire service.  This is
described in DESIGN and the limit can be adjusted in params.h (yes, I
know, this is not very convenient when popa3d came as a part of your
distribution).  You may set it anywhere up to 2 GB.  There's no added
overhead or anything just because of your increasing the limit, but
you should decide whether you actually want your server to process
mailboxes this large should there be any.

The default used to be 100 MB / 100K messages, but I've recently
increased it to 200 MB / 200K messages.

> Anyone have an idea? I will probably limit the max mail size in sendmail but 

It's a good idea to do so.  You may also want to set quotas on the
partition with your mail spool, provided that your delivery agent is
able to handle them.  I can tell you that popa3d, unlike many other
POP3 servers, has no problem serving mailboxes that have run into the
quota (and not a single byte may be added, not even temporarily) or
even those that are over quota (typically because of you decreasing
the quota for a user).

> I don't kown if the problem is the big mail file or the big attachement. Is 
> it a limitation of pop3ad for size of mail file or attachement?

There're the two limits I've mentioned above.  There's no message size
limit (no reason to have one in a POP3 server).


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