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Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 18:26:36 +0300
Subject: Re: 2.4.x?

On Mon, Nov 05, 2001 at 04:04:31AM -0800, Troy wrote:
>   Now, I know the openwall site syas no 2.4.x support yet for the kernel
> patches.. but I figurered I would spam the list anyways to ask...
> when?

In a few months.  2.2.x kernels will remain the recommended choice for
longer than that, though.

> There are alot of neat things in 2.4.x that would be nice to have on a
> secure dist. (IPTABLES, etc)

Unfortunately, there're also neat things which aren't mature enough
"to have on a secure dist".

> and better SMP support.

Please provide some performance numbers for 2.2.x vs. 2.4.x on a task

> Is it still on for a 2.4.15 release? or is it going to be pushed back
> again like it was for 2.4.10?

I've never promised 2.4.x support in Owl by 2.4.15.  I don't do so
now.  That statement applies to the -ow patches, only.  This means
that, yes, a 2.4.x patch is likely to first appear at about 2.4.15
(and it's not important whether it's 2.4.15 or, say, 2.4.17), but it's
already clear that 2.2.x will remain the recommended choice.

With 2.2.x's, I managed to first port the patch to 2.2.9 (when it made
sense to me) and the first released version was for 2.2.12.  I started
recommending 2.2.x "by default" at about 2.2.16.  I don't regret that.

The 2.4.x support in Owl userland is needed and will be done, too.
But it's a separate thing.  It may happen earlier or it may happen

The kernel patches are optional and relatively unimportant on Owl,
except for the cases when they fix serious kernel vulnerabilities.

> Also, if you are swamped with work and need some help with docs or
> something, I would be glad to give some asssitance.

Yes, we could always use some help.  No, this will not make me waste
the time I do have on supporting early kernel versions (in each new
"stable" branch).

If you really are interested in helping with Owl, please mail your
thoughts on the areas you think you could help with to feedback@....

We do need documentation people.  They also need to be very familiar
with whatever they document.  For example, someone should (re-)write
all of the man pages on PAM.  Someone should document owl-control.


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