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Date: Sun, 11 May 2014 21:03:53 +0400
Subject: Re: trying to build Owl for Raspberry Pi: rpmquery

On Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 01:46:46AM +0400, Dmitry V. Levin wrote:
> already has some logic around rpm/rpmquery: it defines RPMQ
> variable to "rpm" by default, and changes it to "rpmquery" for rpm 4.x.
> You can comment out that "RPMQ=rpmquery" expression in setup_rpm().


Just to document the process, after I did that, I had:

# rpm: /usr/bin/rpmspec: No such file or directory

Investigating the problem I noticed that it is 'rpm --specfile' who says
this, and the problem is solved with 'yum install rpm-build.armv6hl' which
provided me with that rpmspec binary (this is Pidora issue, not related to
Owl, and it may be a feature rather than a bug -- but I think it is not bad
to have a memo within the list's archive).

Anyway, now it looks like this:

# build@...pi ~$ make buildworld
# test -d native/Owl/build || make checkout
# ln -s native/Owl/build/{*.conf,.rpm*} . 2> /dev/null || :
# BRANCH=Owl PACKAGE= native/Owl/build/
# 00:06:54: Detecting version of RPM
# 00:06:54: It's RPM4, using different binaries for different tasks
# 00:06:54: Removing stale temporary files
# 00:06:54: Sanity check
# 00:06:54: #1: Scanning native
# warning: line 25: prereq is deprecated: PreReq: owl-control >= 0.4,
# owl-control < 2.0
# 00:06:55: #1: Building SimplePAMApps
# 00:06:55: #1: Failed SimplePAMApps
# 00:06:56: #1: Building SysVinit
# 00:07:25: #1: Failed SysVinit
# warning: line 22: prereq is deprecated: PreReq: /sbin/install-info, grep,
# coreutils >= 5.3.0, sed >= 4.0.9
# 00:07:25: #1: Building acct
# 00:07:26: #1: Failed acct
# warning: line 17: prereq is deprecated: PreReq: /sbin/install-info
# warning: line 17: prereq is deprecated: PreReq: /sbin/install-info
# 00:07:26: #1: Building autoconf
# 00:07:27: #1: Failed autoconf

and so on.  Well, as far as I can tell, all this is described in BUILD.txt
with a short phrase <<Building on another GNU/*/Linux system is sometimes
possible, but tricky and requires that you slowly produce an Owl system
with multiple iterations of "make buildworld" and "make installworld".>>
So, any help with further tricks of that 'tricky building'?  I'd love more
documentation to read, but it seems that none exists.



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