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Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2014 16:58:49 +0400
From: "Dmitry V. Levin" <>
Subject: Re: trying to build Owl for Raspberry Pi: rpmquery --specfile

On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 04:36:55PM +0400, wrote:
> Colleagues,
> I'm trying to create an Owl distro version for Raspberry Pi.  I decided to
> begin with the Fedora for Raspberry (that thing which is named 'Pidora',
> heh... sounds _very_, errrr, /funny/ for russian-speaking people).  So I
> created a SD-card with the Pidora, set it up so it boots, scp'ed the
> image of Owl-current-20130408-i686.iso to that system just to have all the
> sources handy (not much of other use for that file though, because
> Raspberry is ARM)
> I then created that group 'build' with gid=150, the user 'build' wigh
> uid=151 and $home=/usr/src/world, copied the 'world' directory from the CD
> there, and finally issued 'make buildworld' command.  Here's what I got:
> % build@...pi ~ $ make buildworld
> % test -d native/Owl/build || make checkout
> % ln -s native/Owl/build/{*.conf,.rpm*} . 2> /dev/null || :
> % BRANCH=Owl PACKAGE= native/Owl/build/
> % 01:56:38: Detecting version of RPM
> % 01:56:39: It's RPM4, using different binaries for different tasks
> % 01:56:39: Removing stale temporary files
> % 01:56:39: Sanity check
> % 01:56:39: #1: Scanning native
> % rpmquery: --specfile: unknown option
> % 01:56:39: #1: Skipping SimplePAMApps
> % rpmquery: --specfile: unknown option
> % [...]
> % build@...pi ~ $ rpmquery --version
> % RPM version
> Now I'm a bit confused where to go.  The rpm in Owl seems to be older
> (4.2), so it could be that the rpmquery's '--specfile' option is
> implemented in the Owl's patches, but 'grep'ing them for the word
> 'specfile' didn't help, it's not there.

rpmquery used to support --specfile option, but in rpm >= 4.9.0
this functionality was moved to a new tool called rpmspec.
"rpm --specfile" is aliased there to "rpmspec -q", but
there is no similar alias for "rpmquery --specfile":
$ grep -Fe --specfile /usr/lib/rpm/rpmpopt
rpm	exec --specfile		rpmspec -q

You can add one and see where the build stops next.


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