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Date: Tue, 8 May 2012 23:10:50 +0400
From: Solar Designer <>
Subject: keytab-lilo


We happen to have three source files for / different implementations of
keytab-lilo in Owl:

1. Perl script coming from upstream LILO.

2. C implementation found in our native tree, in the LILO package.

3. Perl script coming from upstream SYSLINUX.

Right now, #1 happens to make it into the lilo binary package, #2 is
built but is not installed (looks like a lilo.spec bug), and #3 is
packaged into syslinux-perl, which is not on default installorder.conf
(may only be installed manually).  Additionally, the current lilo binary
package has the script in /usr/sbin/keytab-lilo, whereas syslinux-perl
has it in /usr/bin/keytab-lilo.

I am going to exclude /usr/bin/keytab-lilo from packaging into
syslinux-perl for now, but we need to decide on which one(?) of the
three implementations to be packaging and which of the two directories
to install it into.  Any suggestions?  I am not familiar with
keytab-lilo - I think I've never used it.  So I also don't care much,
but I'd like to clean this up.


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