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Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2012 16:47:59 +0400
From: Solar Designer <>
Subject: Re: Error while compilinng Owl 3.0

Hi Keshav,

On Tue, Apr 10, 2012 at 01:12:43PM +0530, keshav peswani wrote:
> I am facing an error while compiling Owl kernel 3.0 with ARM based toolchain
> The error is : *include/ub/beancounter.h:139:1: error: expected identifier
> or ?(? before ?struct' token*
> I have checked the header file and found no syntax error or logical error.
> If anyone has got this kind of error and solved , pls do tell me

As you're aware, we don't currently support ARM (in fact, that's what
you're trying to change), and moreover I think the OpenVZ project does
not either.  Thus, it is non-surprising that the OpenVZ kernel does not
build for ARM.  Luckily, this shouldn't be much of a concern when
porting the Owl userland to ARM, at least initially.  First of all, our
userland is usable and makes sense to use even with a non-OpenVZ kernel
as well.  Then, we'll be moving from RHEL5 branch to RHEL6 branch OpenVZ
kernels shortly, so any effort on porting the RHEL5 branch kernel to ARM
would be a waste of time.

Thus, I suggest that you don't bother with getting this kernel to build
for ARM now.  Focus on the userland instead.  Yes, when you build our
userland with header files from a kernel version other than what we
normally/currently use, that may cause problems on its own - but fixing
those few problems will merely become part of the porting to ARM task
once you decide on the kernel version to use (e.g., it might be latest
Linux 3.x for the ARM port of our userland, or it might be RHEL6/OpenVZ
if you determine that getting it to build and work on ARM is easy enough).
There's also the (non-pretty) option of building the userland against
our usual kernel headers, but running it with another kernel.

As I mentioned to you off-list, we only do native builds of Owl so far.
Cross-compiling Owl is not going to be easy (many packages actually run
programs that have just been compiled).  Thus, my recommendation is that
you install an existing Linux distro for ARM first (Fedora maybe? it
needs to include basic development tools), then try to build the Owl
userland off of it (with our standard "make buildworld").  You'll need
several iterations of buildworld/installworld to (potentially) get
things working.  Oh, and indeed you'd need to chroot into that new tree
at some point.

A drawback of native builds is that they may be taking a very long time
on slow hardware, though.



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