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Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2012 22:08:54 +0400
From: Vasiliy Kulikov <>
Subject: glibc version

Solar, all -

Arach on #openwall gave me the link:

IOW, glibc 2.14+ marked some old RPC API as "deprecated".  This API is
still reachable by already compiled programs, but compilation of the
same software from sources now fails.

The software, which is claimed to be broken:

oc, torque, libcult, libassa, hamlib, lives, xinetd, db (yes Berkeley
DB), libdap, tcb, netkit-rusers, netkit-bootparamd, ogdi, charm,
netkit-rwall, gs-assembler, ctdb, perdition, amanda, scilab...

As we have some of this software in Owl, we should do one of the following:

1) upgrade glibc to 2.13, not 2.14.

2) fix glibc to export this API.

I think we should prefer (2) as old glibc at least doesn't export some
modern syscalls, which exist in newer Linux kernels.



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