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Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2011 11:23:51 +0400
Subject: Re: kernel size

On 24-Oct-2011 22:05:06 +0400, Solar Designer wrote:

 > > It looks like we waste too much time on these size issues.
 > I think we don't, but you say so each time. ;-)

Yes, as it is visible only from outside :-b

 > It is reasonable to keep the kernel size sane even without
 > any hard limit. Maybe "sane" is more like 4 MB rather than
 > 2.8 MB now, though.

It is reasonable to not bother about the kernel size at all -
for now, the "server" kernel 2.6.32 (which I use on most of
my servers, including DDoS filters) is 4765520 bytes, and it
includes only network and mass storage device support (though
including some exotic hardware like 10Gbps network adapters).

 > > In general, we really should move to isolinux
 > Yes, we should.
 > > and, as we no longer sell official CDs, we should not
 > > bother of ISO image size any more -
 > I am going to let us exceed 700 MB now - so we'll require
 > DVD media for Owl-current - but I still think it would be
 > nice to fix that a bit later, perhaps by introducing a
 > compressed filesystem or by excluding the sources from our
 > standard ISOs.

OMFG... Don't waste time on that - simply stop bothering about
ISO image size.

 > > instead of that, we may want to hurry with
 > > official support for installation from USB flash drive (my
 > > investigation revealed that will require only some changes
 > > in owl-startup package).
 > Would you be willing to contribute a patch against our native
 > tree that would add a "make usb" target (or whatever we call
 > it)?

Hmmmm... I already have an alternative set of startup scripts for
Owl (Name: owl-startup-scripts Provides: owl-startup = %{version})
which need only fixing some compatibility issues with SysV scripts
(i.e. those residing in /etc/init.d) - possibly, we can swith to
them instead of using /etc/sysconfig hierarchy (which does not
allow even configuring 802.1q VLANs on several interfaces and then
bridging them together)?

Also, we can modify rc.sysinit in the owl-startup: it fails to do
`fsck /`, as we never know which device on the given hardware the
root filesystem will appear as, and before running it we should
ensure the filesystem resides at the real device:

set ROOTDEV=`egrep '[[:blank:]]/[[:blank:]]' /etc/fstab | sed -re 's,[[:blank:]].*,,g'`
test -b "${ROOTDEV}" && fsck ${FSCKOPTS} ${ROOTDEV}

But I guess it will be yet another temporary solution and, therefore,
time wasting.

Alexey V. Vissarionov aka Gremlin from Kremlin
<gremlin ПРИ gremlin ТЧК ru>

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