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Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2017 19:14:49 +0200
From: Florent Rougon <>
Subject: CVE-2017-13709: Incorrect access control in FlightGear


Please find below the info for CVE-2017-13709. I'm also attaching a
patch combining the security fix applied to FlightGear's 'next'
branch[1] with its parent commit[2], because [1] requires [2] to work

However, I don't expect the combined patch nor [2] to apply cleanly to
FlightGear 2017.2 or earlier, because commit [3] introduced changes in
the close vicinity of the changes in [2] (two conflicts). If you need to
adapt [2] for such releases, just put the fgInitAllowedPaths() call
after the one to Options::processOptions() in src/Main/fg_init.cxx[4] and
src/Main/main.cxx[5], and you should be good.

I will probably backport the needed changes to a few of the last
releases in the next days: see the FlightGear release branches at [6].


Now here is the info for CVE-2017-13709:

[Suggested description]
In FlightGear before version 2017.3.1, Main/logger.cxx in the FGLogger
subsystem allows one to overwrite any file via a resource that affects
the contents of the global Property Tree.


[Additional Information]
In FlightGear before version 2017.3.1, the FGLogger subsystem allows
one to overwrite any file the user has write access to (with enough
control over the contents to run arbitrary commands if the target file
is then executed). A resource such as a malicious third-party aircraft
or add-on could exploit this to damage files belonging to the user.

The security fix
requires its parent commit
to work correctly.

We are not aware of any malicious resource exploiting the problem.

The fix will be in FlightGear 2017.3.1 (expected in a few days).


[Vulnerability Type]
Incorrect Access Control


[Vendor of Product]
FlightGear (


[Affected Product Code Base]
FlightGear - Affected: releases earlier than 2017.3.1 (at least since
version 2.0.0).


[Affected Component]
source file: src/Main/logger.cxx in the FlightGear repository
executable: fgfs


[Attack Type]


[Impact Code execution]


[Impact Denial of Service]


[CVE Impact Other]
Allows one to overwrite any file the user has write access to, and to
control a significant part of the written contents. This leads to code
execution using .bashrc and such.


[Attack Vectors]
Trick users into installing a resource that enables logging to a
chosen file, via properties /logging/log/... For instance, a malicious
third-party aircraft or add-on could do that (add-ons loaded via 'fgfs




[Has vendor confirmed or acknowledged the vulnerability?]




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