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Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2016 11:50:07 -0400
From: Mike Kienenberger <>
To:, MyFaces Development <>, 
	MyFaces Discussion <>
Cc: "" <>,,
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][CVE-2016-5019] Apache MyFaces Trinidad 2.0.2 released

The Apache MyFaces team is pleased to announce the release of Apache
MyFaces Trinidad 2.0.2.

MyFaces Trinidad is a feature-rich renderkit for JavaServer(tm) Faces
that provides an extendibles framework and extensive skinning support.
This version is designed to be used with the JSF 2.0 specification and
works with either Mojarra or MyFaces.

Trinidad’s CoreResponseStateManager both reads and writes view state
strings using
ObjectInputStream/ObjectOutputStream directly.  By doing so, Trinidad
bypasses the
view state security features provided by the JSF implementations - ie. the view
state is not encrypted and is not MAC’ed.  Trinidad’s
CoreResponseStateManager will
blindly deserialize untrusted view state strings, which makes Trinidad-based
applications vulnerable to deserialization attacks.

Apache MyFaces Trinidad is available in both binary and source
distributions, and there are examples available as well:


Apache MyFaces Trinidad is available in the central Maven repository
under Group ID "org.apache.myfaces.trinidad"

Release Notes - MyFaces Trinidad - Version 2.0.2

    [TRINIDAD-2542] - CVE-2016-5019: MyFaces Trinidad view state
deserialization security vulnerability

    [TRINIDAD-2218] - Need an ability for the WindowManager
implementation to be executed before all Configurators and filters and
to complete teh response
    [TRINIDAD-2224] - Client DateTimeConverter _fix2DYear does not
handle th_TH locale
    [TRINIDAD-2230] - adjustments to the UIXComponentBase
subscribeToEvent and unsubscribeFromEvent implementation
    [TRINIDAD-2233] - x-frame-options header not working in trinidad
    [TRINIDAD-2245] - ForEach tag throws ArrayIndexOfBoundsException
when the end attribute is same as the size of the List
    [TRINIDAD-2252] -
ViewDeclarationLanguageFactoryImpl$ChangeApplyingVDLWrapper does not
override non-abstract retargetMethodExpressions() causing composite
component actions not to fire
    [TRINIDAD-2260] - tr:inputListOfValues - no ReturnEvent is fired
when using facelets
    [TRINIDAD-2262] - UIXComponentBase calls setInView(false) before
the component is actually removed from tree
    [TRINIDAD-2263] - StateManagerImp.saveView should not check
current request token
    [TRINIDAD-2285] - avoid exceptions in design time for agent rules
    [TRINIDAD-2286] - alias wrongly specified in base-desktop.css
    [TRINIDAD-2289] - function _pprControlCapture() causes an error in
IE8 when it tries to focus on a PPR'd element
    [TRINIDAD-2299] - f:convertnumber throws error when the number
input by user has leading or trailing grouping separator char
    [TRINIDAD-2301] - avoid exceptions in design time when wrong style
sheet name is specified in trinidad-skins.xml
    [TRINIDAD-2303] - State saving skips facets (component resources).
    [TRINIDAD-2309] - perf: change the concurrenthashmap to arraymap
and fix the golden files
    [TRINIDAD-2327] - update RenderingContext.getIcon() documentation
    [TRINIDAD-2329] - remove acc datatable=0 from non data tables
    [TRINIDAD-2340] - LocaleElementsResourceLoader init dependency on
request path
    [TRINIDAD-2348] - HeadRenderer renders meta tags in wrong order for IE
    [TRINIDAD-2349] - TreeRenderer renders duplicate IDs
    [TRINIDAD-2393] - GlobalConfiguratorImpl will not always clean up resources
    [TRINIDAD-2408] - TrPage._getTextContent is not working in IE10
    [TRINIDAD-2525] - IE 11 - Unsupported JavaScript methods are used
in Trinidad


    [TRINIDAD-2172] - pseudo classes missing from CSSGenerationUtils
    [TRINIDAD-2186] - Clirr runner tests should work off last revision
rather then a fixed label
    [TRINIDAD-2226] - Provide mechanism to reload skin definitions
from trinidad-skins.xml
    [TRINIDAD-2235] - Skinning: stable names for generated style sheets
    [TRINIDAD-2248] - Change component templating scheme to generate
superclasses of templated components rather than the templated
components themselves
    [TRINIDAD-2253] - Ability to synchronize UI view size with model cache size`
    [TRINIDAD-2292] - Update Clirr Runner tests to check against Trinidad 2.0.0
    [TRINIDAD-2330] - Add support for base64 encoded images in skin files.
    [TRINIDAD-2391] - Enhancements to allow for custom FileUpload code
    [TRINIDAD-2392] - Ability to control skin and compression programatically
    [TRINIDAD-2394] - LabeledFacesMessage is not appropriately serializable

New Feature

    [TRINIDAD-2234] - Pregeneration of skin style sheets


Mike Kienenberger

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