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Date: Tue, 02 Feb 2016 08:08:34 -0500
From: Larry Cashdollar <>
To: Open Security <>
Subject: Reflected XSS & Blind SQLi in wordpress plugin eshop v6.3.14

Title: Reflected XSS & Blind SQLi in wordpress plugin eshop v6.3.14
Author: Larry W. Cashdollar, @_larry0
Date: 2016-01-27
Download Site:
Vendor: Richard Pedley
Vendor Notified: 2016-01-29
Vendor Contact:
Description: An accessible Shopping Cart plugin. eShop is an accessible
shopping cart plugin for WordPress, packed with various features.
The following code snippets do not sanitize user input before passing back
to the user’s browser via $_GET request.

>From eshop-orders.php XSS via page & action variables:

145                         echo '<ul id="eshopsubmenu" class="stuffbox">';
146                         echo '<li><span>'.__('Sort Orders by
147                         echo '<li><a
148                         echo '<li><a
149                         echo '<li><a
href="'.$apge.'&amp;by=tn"'.$ctn.'>'.__('ID Number','eshop').'</a></li>';
150                         echo '<li><a
151                         echo '<li><a
152                         echo '</ul>';

244 <input type="hidden" name="action" value="<?php echo $_GET['action'];
?>" />

303 $phpself='?page='.$_GET['page’];
503         echo "<div id=\"eshopformfloat\"><form id=\"orderstatus\"
action=\"".$phpself."\" method=\"post\">";
504         ?>
515 <input type="hidden" name="action" value="<?php echo $_GET['action'];
?>" />

586                                 $downloadable .='
title="'.__('Increa    se download allowance by
1','eshop').'">'.__('Increase','eshop').'</a>, <a
title="'.__('Decrea    se download allowance by

642                 echo '<strong>'.__('Email:','eshop').'</strong>'." <a
href=\"".$phpself."&amp;viewemail=".$view."\" title=\"".__('Send a form
email','eshop')."\"    >".$drow->email.'</a> <small
class="noprint">'.__('(sends a form email)','eshop')."</small><br />\n";
746         if($status=='Deleted'){$delete="<p class=\"delete noprint\"><a
href=\"".$phpself."&amp;delid=".$view."\">".__('Completely delete this
order?','eshop')."<    /a><br />".__('<small><strong>Warning:</strong>
this order will be completely deleted and cannot be recovered at a later
date.</small>','eshop')."</p>";}else{$de    lete='';};

Blind SQL Injection & requires authenticated user to Wordpress.

>From eshop-orders.php, requires admin user:

287 if (!function_exists('deleteorder')) {
288         function deleteorder($delid){
289                 global $wpdb;
290                 $dtable=$wpdb->prefix.'eshop_orders';
291                 $itable=$wpdb->prefix.'eshop_order_items';
292                 $dltable=$wpdb->prefix.'eshop_download_orders';
293                 $checkid=$wpdb->get_var("Select checkid From $dtable
where id='$delid' && status='Deleted'");

392 eshop_admin_mode();

393 if(isset($_GET['delid']) && !isset($_GET['view'])){
394         deleteorder($_GET['delid']);

>From eshop-orders.php, Requires a regular logged in user:

The following code allows SQL injection via the unsanitized $view
354 if(isset($_GET['view'])){
355         $view=$_GET['view'];
356         $status=$wpdb->get_var("Select status From $dtable where

SQL injection points via POST to mark & change:

421 if(isset($_POST['mark']) && !isset($_POST['change'])){
422         $mark=$_POST['mark'];
423         $checkid=$_POST['checkid'];
424         $query2=$wpdb->get_results("UPDATE $dtable set status='$mark'
where checkid='$checkid'");
425         do_action( 'eshop_order_status_updated', $checkid, $mark );
426         echo '<div class="updated fade">'.__('Order status changed
427 }
429 if(isset($_POST['change'])){
430         if(isset($_POST['move']) && $_POST['move'][0]!=''){
431                 foreach($_POST['move'] as $v=>$ch){
432                         $mark=$_POST['mark'];
433                         $query2=$wpdb->get_results("UPDATE $dtable set
status='$mark' where checkid='$ch'");
434                         do_action( 'eshop_order_status_updated', $ch,
$mark );
CVEID: XSS 2016-0765 SQLi 2016-0769

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