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Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2010 16:57:14 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Steven M. Christey" <>
cc: "Steven M. Christey" <>
Subject: Re: CVE request, security issues fixed in MySQL 5.1.51

Looks like there were 8 security bugs reported at, not 7.

These all have different affected versions claimed, so each gets a 
separate CVE.

- Steve

Bug#55826 - incorrect propagation of type errors in evaluation of
arguments to extreme-value functions

   "create table .. select crashes with when KILL_BAD_DATA is returned"

Bug#55568 - The server could crash after materializing a derived table
that required a temporary table for grouping.

   "user variable assignments crash server when used within query"

Bug #55564 - A user-variable assignment expression that is evaluated
in a logical expression context can be precalculated in a temporary
table for GROUP BY. However, when the expression value is used after
creation of the temporary table, it was re-evaluated, not read from
the table and a server crash resulted.

   "crash with user variables, assignments, joins..."
   5.0.92, 5.1.37, 5.1.49, 5.1.50-bzr, 5.5.6-m3

Bug#54568 - Pre-evaluation of LIKE predicates during view preparation
could cause a server crash.

   "create view cause Assertion failed: 0, file .\, line 836"
   5.0.91-debug, 5.1.47-debug

Bug#54476 - GROUP_CONCAT() and WITH ROLLUP together could cause a
server crash.

   "crash when group_concat and 'with rollup' in prepared statements"
   5.0.91, 5.1.47, 5.1.49-bzr, 5.5.3

   see: [23 Jul 14:25] Alexey Kopytov

Bug#54461 - Queries could cause a server crash if the GREATEST() or
LEAST() function had a mixed list of numeric and LONGBLOB arguments,
and the result of such a function was processed using an intermediate
temporary table.

   "crash with longblob and union or update with subquery"
   5.0.91,5.1.47, 5.5.3, 5.5.5-m3

Bug#53544 - Queries with nested joins could cause an infinite loop in
the server when used from stored procedures and prepared statements.

   "Server hangs during JOIN query in stored procedure called twice in a row"
   5.1.47, 5.6.99-m4 Dahlia, bzr_mysql-6.0-codebase-bugfixing

Bug#51875 - The PolyFromWKB() function could crash the server when
improper WKB data was passed to the function.

   "crash when loading data into geometry function polyfromwkb"

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