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Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2015 18:00:03 +0200
From: magnum <>
Subject: Re: LWS and GWS auto-tuning

On 2015-08-25 13:42, Solar Designer wrote:
> The attached patch #if 0's opencl_find_best_workgroup() (perhaps we
> need to drop it completely, and remove from common-opencl.h too), and
> revises and makes use of opencl_find_best_lws().
> The new logic is, when neither GWS nor LWS env vars are specified:
> pre-tune GWS (with a lower than usual maximum), tune LWS, and finally
> tune GWS with the tuned LWS and considering the queried number of
> compute units.  Obviously, this is far from perfect - we're trying to
> find a maximum of a function of two variables, but are adjusting only
> one at a time.  Yet it appears to work much better than the current
> approach of tuning GWS only.

Aye sir. The boost from this is better than I thought. The difference is 
sometimes 2x and more!

Here's my laptop top/bottom 10:

Ratio:	0.83601 real, 0.40000 virtual	sha1crypt-opencl, (NetBSD):Raw
Ratio:	0.85271 real, 0.47251 virtual	encfs-opencl, EncFS:Raw
Ratio:	0.86628 real, 0.07211 virtual	wpapsk-opencl, WPA/WPA2 PSK:Raw
Ratio:	0.87242 real, 0.78965 virtual	Raw-SHA512-opencl:Raw
Ratio:	0.87999 real, 0.75624 virtual	Raw-SHA256-opencl:Raw
Ratio:	0.89727 real, 0.23077 virtual	krb5pa-sha1-opencl, Kerberos 5 
AS-REQ Pre-Auth etype 17/18:Raw
Ratio:	0.89920 real, 1.10118 virtual	mysql-sha1-opencl, MySQL 4.1+:Raw
Ratio:	0.94276 real, 0.06511 virtual	PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA1-opencl:Raw
Ratio:	0.94495 real, 0.98183 virtual	mscash-opencl, M$ Cache Hash:Only 
one salt
Ratio:	1.21359 real, 1.00000 virtual	md5crypt-opencl, crypt(3) $1$:Raw
Ratio:	1.27538 real, 2.72273 virtual	RAKP-opencl, IPMI 2.0 RAKP 
(RMCP+):Only one salt
Ratio:	1.28331 real, 0.50000 virtual	PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA512-opencl, GRUB2 / 
OS X 10.8+, rounds=10000:Raw
Ratio:	1.32295 real, 1.12515 virtual	zip-opencl, ZIP:Raw
Ratio:	1.33187 real, 8.22860 virtual	RAKP-opencl, IPMI 2.0 RAKP 
(RMCP+):Many salts
Ratio:	2.00808 real, 27.61671 virtual	krb5pa-md5-opencl, Kerberos 5 
AS-REQ Pre-Auth etype 23:Many salts
Ratio:	2.35028 real, 168.85266 virtual	oldoffice-opencl, MS Office <= 
2003:Many salts
Ratio:	2.51140 real, 31.75871 virtual	oldoffice-opencl, MS Office <= 
2003:Only one salt
Ratio:	2.54982 real, 4.06557 virtual	lotus5-opencl, Lotus Notes/Domino 5:Raw
Ratio:	2.55546 real, 23.30411 virtual	krb5pa-md5-opencl, Kerberos 5 
AS-REQ Pre-Auth etype 23:Only one salt

The worst ones I'm pretty sure are false/coincidental. I manually 
re-tested some of the best ones and it's true: They really auto-tune to 
2.5x faster speed than before.

I'm currently testing Tahiti/Titan on super.

On another note, AMD's 15.7 driver seem to have re-gained RAR and other 
formats' speed (even before the autotune changes). It was way slower for 
several versions of the driver (including 14.9 which is our best tested 
version ever).


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