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Date: Fri, 05 Jun 2015 13:04:59 +0200
From: magnum <>
Subject: Re: Coding Style

On 2015-06-05 10:31, Kai Zhao wrote:
>> I am not using alignment in core, and I don't intend to.
> I am confused since you and magnum have different opinion.
> magnum thinks **indent with tab and align with spaces** and tab width
> is 4 chars.

I have no opinion about tab width because whatever style we chose should 
take away all dependincies on it. But I prefer using 4 myself.

An example of a style that must be used with a specific tab width is 
"align with several tabs" but neither of us wants that (thank God).

HOWEVER, I opted to tell "indent" (and astyle) that we have a tab width 
of 4, because it allows exceeding column 79 a little (as previously 
discussed) when tab width is 8. I.e. I suggest instead of saying eg. 
"tab width 8, line width 120" we could say "tab width 4, line width 80".

> Is it ok that core and jumbo have different coding style ? If no, we would
> better make it clear.

Solar decides about core. I merely decide about *my fork* of bleeding 
jumbo (which has indeed been semi-official for some time but might not 
be forever if I start bitching too much). Anyone else can fork Jumbo at 
any time and use "3 spaces for indent, 57 tabs of width 11 for 
continuation" and I wouldn't be upset about it (nor would I contribute 
to it). In the end, the users and contributors decide which Jumbo repo 
is "upstream".

But I digress. If you end up with a core style I can live with, I will 
adopt it. I'm not yet quite sure I'm willing to stop using "align with 
spaces" myself but I wouldn't mind core keeping it, or even other 
contributors of Jumbo.

In fact, maybe we should keep it somewhat laxed and concentrate on the 
important things? IMHO we don't need a 100.0% defined code-style, 
enforced with robots that will mail complaints to your mother when you 
break it. But we do need a minimum baseline: For me, the only three 
things I *really* hate is indentation with spaces, trailing whitespace 
and alignment using several tabs of a specific width. Most other things 
I can live with: Eg. if you decide we're only using /* comments */ and 
no // comments, I'll just adopt it and won't care much about it.


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