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Date: Wed, 13 May 2015 13:55:11 -0500
From: Mathieu Laprise <>
Subject: Re: Re: displaying full meta information about hashes with --show=types

I don't understand which field are useful for Johnny "hash type
I assume there will be a new column in the password table view after hash
in Johnny called "Type". And Johnny should write in the column format DES,
md5 etc. Is that right ?
If user click on button "Get hash type", I'll call ../run/john --show=types
>From Aleksey's example in first post:

> Input:
> NONE:0ed7dd550afb451ac5b94cb644310b09
If I send a file, iIs it something that I need to send to stdin ? What does
this input do?

> NONE:0ed7dd550afb451ac5b94cb644310b09:::/:/:/::LM:0:2:0:$LM$0ed7dd550afb451a:0:$LM$c5b94cb644310b09:HAVAL-128-4:0:1:0:$haval$0ed7dd550afb451ac5b94cb644310b09:lotus5:0:1:1::MD2:0:1:1::mdc2:0:1:1::mscash:0:1:1::mscash2:0:1:1::NT:0:1:0:$NT$0ed7dd550afb451ac5b94cb644310b09:Raw-MD4:0:1:0:$MD4$0ed7dd550afb451ac5b94cb644310b09:Raw-MD5:0:1:0:$dynamic_0$0ed7dd550afb451ac5b94cb644310b09:Raw-MD5u:0:1:0:$dynamic_29$0ed7dd550afb451ac5b94cb644310b09:ripemd-128:0:1:0:$ripemd$0ed7dd550afb451ac5b94cb644310b09:Snefru-128:0:1:1::NT-old:0:1:0:$NT$0ed7dd550afb451ac5b94cb644310b09:
> With breaks to describe parts:
> About hash: login, hash, ...
> NONE:0ed7dd550afb451ac5b94cb644310b09:::/:/:/::
> By type:
>      number of parts
>      v     hash 1                 hash 2
> LM:0:2:0:$LM$0ed7dd550afb451a:0:$LM$c5b94cb644310b09:
> HAVAL-128-4:0:1:0:$haval$0ed7dd550afb451ac5b94cb644310b90:
>            the canonical hash is the same as input hash
>            | so there is empty string here
>            v v
> lotus5:0:1:1::
> MD2:0:1:1::mdc2:0:1:1::
> mscash:0:1:1::
> mscash2:0:1:1::
> NT:0:1:0:$NT$0ed7dd550afb451ac5b94cb644310b09:
> Raw-MD4:0:1:0:$MD4$0ed7dd550afb451ac5b94cb644310b09:
> Raw-MD5:0:1:0:$dynamic_0$0ed7dd550afb451ac5b94cb644310b09:
> Raw-MD5u:0:1:0:$dynamic_29$0ed7dd550afb451ac5b94cb644310b09:
> ripemd-128:0:1:0:$ripemd$0ed7dd550afb451ac5b94cb644310b09:
> Snefru-128:0:1:1::
> NT-old:0:1:0:$NT$0ed7dd550afb451ac5b94cb644310b09:
Everything in this might be wrong, I'm trying to understand by making
hypothesis after looking at the format. First, what is the $XXXX(dynamic_0)
thing doing before hash $0ed7dd550afb451ac5b94cb644310b0the ? Is it
important for johnny? Regarding the output, what does v means ? If we take
last line for example, I think the type is NT-old but what does :0:1:0:
stands for and is it important for our johnny feature ? Why is there line
without hash like Snefru-128:0:1:1:: and lines with  two types
MD2:0:1:1::mdc2:0:1:1:: (MD2 and mdc2) ?

Thanks a lot for your help !

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