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Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2014 02:18:52 +0100
From: Frank Dittrich <>
Subject: Re: Implementing --list=format-tests (help needed for

On 01/02/2014 12:57 AM, magnum wrote:
> On 2014-01-02 00:07, Frank Dittrich wrote:
>> $ ./john --list=format-tests --form=phpass
>> Error, trying to link to $dynamic_17$ using
>> ciphertext=$dynamic_17$jgypwqm.JsMssPLiS8YQ00$9aaaaaSXB FAILED
>> $ echo $?
>> 107
> Strange. I'll have a look at it later unless you nail it. Do the other
> thin formats work fine? Eg. pix-md5 or formspring.

When I got that error, I just used
for f in `./john --list=format-details|cut -f 1`
	echo $f
	./john --list=format-tests --format=$f > /dev/null

Then, I just pressed ^C after the first error which happened to be phpass.
So, I'd have expected other formats to fail as well.

But these work:

$ ./john --list=format-tests --format=pix-md5
pix-md5	0	2KFQnbNIdI.2KYOU	cisco
pix-md5	1	TRPEas6f/aa6JSPL	test1
pix-md5	2	OMT6mXmAvGyzrCtp	test2
pix-md5	3	gTC7RIy1XJzagmLm	test3
pix-md5	4	oWC1WRwqlBlbpf/O	test4
pix-md5	5	NuLKvvWGg.x9HEKO	password
pix-md5	6	8Ry2YjIyt7RRXU24	
pix-md5	7	.7nfVBEIEu4KbF/1	0123456789abcdef

$ ./john --list=format-tests --format=formspring
FormSpring	0
2a4fa0bf8c6a01dd625d3141746451ba51e07f99dc9143f1e25a37f65cb02eb4$RA	test1

I now repeated the test of all formats, phpass is the only one that fails.

For sapg, I get a warning that all input should be utf-8 (unless I use
--encoding=utf-8), but that has been expected.

I'll have to give up now, and I don't know when I'll be able to get back
to this.

BTW: Even --format=crypt --subformat=... works:

(bleeding-jumbo)run $ ./john --list=format-tests --format=crypt
crypt	0	CCNf8Sbh3HDfQ	U*U*U*U*
crypt	1	CCX.K.MFy4Ois	U*U***U
crypt	2	CC4rMpbg9AMZ.	U*U***U*
crypt	3	XXxzOu6maQKqQ	*U*U*U*U
crypt	4	SDbsugeBiC58A	

(bleeding-jumbo)run $ ./john --list=format-tests --format=crypt
crypt	0	$1$dXc3I7Rw$ctlgjDdWJLMT.qwHsWhXR1	U*U*U*U*
crypt	1	$1$dXc3I7Rw$94JPyQc/eAgQ3MFMCoMF.0	U*U***U
crypt	2	$1$dXc3I7Rw$is1mVIAEtAhIzSdfn5JOO0	U*U***U*
crypt	3	$1$dXc3I7Rw$QerEi324h7PkyM5G5CQLR.	*U*U*U*U
crypt	4	$1$dXc3I7Rw$T41M1o8hPQJ.mcYtMS/lL1	

I'll probably start counting the tests at 1 instead of 0 in the final
version of my patch.

But this one segfaults (on linux-x86-native):
$ ./john --list=format-tests --format=crypt --subformat=sunmd5
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

This is the same bug I reported for ./john --test=0 --format=crypt
--subformat=\? in my other mail.


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