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Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2013 01:55:41 +0200
From: Rafael Waldo Delgado Doblas <>
Subject: Re: Rafael's weekly report #13

Hello Alexander,

2013/9/15 Solar Designer <>

> Rafael,
> I haven't heard from you since your message below.  It's been 4+ days.
> You were supposed to post daily updates.  What's going on?  (Nothing?)

Sorry, I move to a new place and for a couple of days I didn't have

> On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 12:40:08PM +0200, Rafael Waldo Delgado Doblas
> wrote:
> > 2013/9/10 Solar Designer <>
> > > As described above, these two tasks shouldn't take you more than two
> > > days, combined.  Surely good asm code may take many days to polish, but
> > > in a day or two you ought to be able to bring it to a state that at
> > > least looks similar (in terms of approach taken) to Katja's bcrypt
> code.
> > > So please try, and please report on that on Wednesday or Thursday, so
> > > that we can move forward with further aspects of the task.
> >
> > Ok, this should be finished by tomorrow. At least ASM with macros and
> rest
> > of stuff.
> Was this done?

Yes and not, as I didn't have internet to upload the asm to my repo I send
a asm with macros and a little try to instruction schedule. I need to debug

> > Also, what has happened to my request to keep the pure C version of the
> > > code in there and usable (as a compile-time option)?  Did you read that
> > > message at all?  (This is a reason why I prefer that you do inline
> > > quoting - that way, I am more confident that you have read the message
> > > that you reply to.)
> >
> > Sorry, I forget add it to the report, but yes it's in my todo list.
> Great.  Can you do it today (if it's not done yet)?

It's done.

>  > > BTW, you still have that byte-by-byte blkcpy() - and no plans on
> fixing
> > > that?  It's a trivial and quick task (one hour?), yet something you
> > > could do as well.  Luckily, in your current code blkcpy() is only used
> > > in SHA-256 and PBKDF2, not in SMix, yet you could make this trivial
> > > optimization to it.
> >
> > Sure I'l do that.
> Great.  Has this been done?  If not yet, can you do it today?

It's done.

 > > I understand that you might be frustrated by how we've been using your
> > > time this summer for not-so-important tasks only, yet this is largely a
> > > result of my unhappiness with the slow progress and not so great
> quality
> > > of your work.  I simply do not dare to throw more tasks at you yet, and
> > > GSoC is already almost over.
> >
> > Well, about this, I'm frustrated because I didn't have a roadmap with
> > deadlines and milestones. Mostly of the weeks I was lost about what I
> > should do.
> Does this apply to a portion of the first half of the summer only, or to
> the second half as well?  Do you prefer to work when someone (a mentor)
> micro-manages you, requiring specific sub-tasks (even trivial ones like
> those mentioned above) to be completed on specific days (like "today")?
> I understand that it varies from person to person.  Some people prefer
> working mostly on their own (given only some goals and not much else),
> some need to be told what to do and when.

Well, this is something interesting. I think that this apply specially for
the first half of the summer, because the project begining was specially
hard due I didn't have a lot of the needed knowledge, at this point maybe a
task check list would be fine with deadlines. Now I have deeper knowledge
than before but I feel that I spend to much time to get it. Any way as I
said before this was a good sperience because I have gained experience in a
bigger project than my university assignments.

> > For example, there's an easy optimization task for JtR jumbo code that
> > > runs on all platforms (so not Parallella specific).  It'd be a one
> > > evening task for me.  If you feel bored with the current stuff and need
> > > to do something immediately useful, to boost your confidence and thus
> > > further work (including this Litecoin mining on Parallella stuff), let
> > > me know and I can describe this task to you.  It might not be a one
> > > evening task for you, but it shouldn't take you more than a couple of
> > > days either.
> >
> > Yes, it would be nice, I will try to finish the task listed above between
> > today and tomorrow, then I will have time between Thursday and Monday.
> OK, I'll describe this task to you separately.

Thank you I will move to it after I debug the asm code.


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