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Date: Tue, 28 May 2013 20:06:00 +0200
From: magnum <>
Subject: Re: Unify internal form of mscash2 hashes?

On 28 May, 2013, at 18:01 , Frank Dittrich <> wrote:
> On 05/28/2013 05:40 PM, magnum wrote:
>> Still trailing whitespace in a number of places. I don't care too much but git nags about it too anytime you touch the file without dropping them.
> You might want to experiment with a pre-commit hook that automatically
> removes trailing whitespace or spaces before tabs in a *non-public*
> repo, and if it turns out to work without unwanted side effects, enable
> that pre-comkmit hook in the public repo.

Ideally we should have commit hooks that rejects local merges and other noise too. Not to mention UTF-8 BOMs or CR/LF endings :-)

In my private git config I have stuff that strips whitespace from patches I apply manually (ie. sent to the list as diffs). For my own edits I have set up emacs to not allow crap in any file I save.

I probably need to read up on this. I know about commit hooks but I have absolutely no idea how to set one up on the remote side, at GitHub. I have looked around for pre-cooked stuff in GitHub that I could just enable (I guess thousands of people would use such functionality) but I found nothing.

Hm.. or would me committing a pre-hook in my .git directory, and pushing, make it appear at GitHub? I really don't think that is the case, that would be a very scary security problem.

> We might consider a separate whitespace-fix commit before bleeding
> becomes the next unstable (and/or for unstable before it is released as
> a next jumbo).

Solar use to do some fixes at every release, and I use to merge the final release tarball's changes to git.


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