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Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2013 13:54:55 +0100
From: magnum <>
Subject: Office format bug


According to Valgrind, the office format seem to read data from all over 
the place.

Benchmarking: Office 2007/2010 (SHA-1) / 2013 (SHA-512), with AES [32/64 
OpenSSL]... ==22939== Use of uninitialised value of size 8
==22939==    at 0x510B254: _x86_64_AES_decrypt_compact (aes-x86_64.s:577)
==22939==    by 0x510B571: AES_decrypt (aes-x86_64.s:828)
==22939==    by 0x7FEFFD60F: ???
==22939==    by 0x7FEFFD6AF: ???
==22939==    by 0x7FEFFD74F: ???
==22939==    by 0x7FEFFD487: ???
==22939==    by 0x1B806F31BFF453C9: ???
==22939==    by 0xD342D7A2989D9B7F: ???
==22939==    by 0x9A9C13A0008FA466: ???
==22939==    by 0x73F06698C26CEE8: ???
==22939==    by 0x491480AF3479AF71: ???
==22939==    by 0x5CD4A62CAB0D44C6: ???
==22939==  Uninitialised value was created by a heap allocation
==22939==    at 0x4C2B3F8: malloc (in 
==22939==    by 0x546ABC: mem_alloc (memory.c:54)
==22939==    by 0x546BBA: mem_alloc_tiny (memory.c:86)
==22939==    by 0x546C95: mem_calloc_tiny (memory.c:100)
==22939==    by 0x4E0574: init (mysql_netauth_fmt_plug.c:62)
==22939==    by 0x53DDAA: fmt_init (formats.c:36)
==22939==    by 0x536658: benchmark_all (bench.c:418)
==22939==    by 0x542E62: john_run (john.c:685)
==22939==    by 0x543601: main (john.c:956)

According to this, it reads an "uninitialized value" from mysql-netauth 
format's buffer space... not that I get how a calloc'ed buffer can be 
uninitialized. The above is from --test=0 under linux 64-bit, built with 
OMP but using only one thread.

I am actually trying to find some format thrashing memory. Under OSX the 
krb5-23 format fails, only on OMP builds (but even when 
OMP_NUM_THREADS=1) and only during --test (all formats). And this 
problem goes away if I register the krb5 formats before the plugins, so 
it is one of the plugin formats that thrashes memory. The krb5-23 format 
is not the actual problem. And the above only seem to read, not write.


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