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Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2013 22:27:27 +0100
From: Frank Dittrich <>
Subject: --list=<conf section name> (was: --list= handling moved out of john.c)

On 01/15/2013 09:18 PM, magnum wrote:
> On 15 Jan, 2013, at 20:56 , magnum <> wrote:
> $ ../run/john --list=options  
> Subsections of [options]:
> opencl
> mpi
> $ ../run/john --list=options:opencl
> Section [options:opencl] not found.
> help[:WHAT], subformats, inc-modes, rules, externals, ext-filters,
> ext-filters-only, ext-modes, build-info, hidden-options, encodings,
> formats, format-details, format-all-details, format-methods[:WHICH],
> sections, parameters:SECTION, list-data:SECTION,
> <conf section name>
> The latter is a bug, no? Or how was this supposed to work? This behavior was seen before the move too.

IMHO, it is just a confusing error message.
--list=<conf section name> should list the subsections of that section.
There are no Subsections which could be listed for [Options:OpenCL]

A real inconsistency is:

$ ./john --list=parameters:
incremental:all      incremental:all7     incremental:alpha
incremental:lanman   options:mpi
incremental:all15    incremental:all8     incremental:digits
markov:default       userclasses
incremental:all6     incremental:alnum    incremental:digits8  options


$ ./john --list=parameters:options
options      options:mpi

options:opencl is not listed as a possible completion, because
[Options:OpenCL] is empty (doesn't contain any parameter definitions).

That's why I think fixing the error message text for the
[Options:MPI] section might be easy. For [Options:OpenCL] it will be a
little bit harder (but not impossible).

How important is a fix here?

Would another message, e.g., "[options:mpi] doesn't have subsections" be OK?

Can we have sections like [Section:Sub:SubSub] at all?

Another bug might be this one:
(unstable-jumbo)run $ ./john --list=parameters:options:mpi
mpiompverbose = Y
mpiompmutex = Y
(unstable-jumbo)run $ echo $?
(unstable-jumbo)run $ ./john --list=parameters:options:opencl
(unstable-jumbo)run $ echo $?

May be $? should be != 0 here.
Or may be it should be 0 here, because [Options:OpenCL] exists, but it
should be != 0 here (section doesn't exist):
(unstable-jumbo)run $ ./john --list=parameters:options:none
(unstable-jumbo)run $ echo $?
or here (Section contains list data):
(unstable-jumbo)run $ ./john --list=parameters:list.rules:single
(unstable-jumbo)run $ echo $?


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