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Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2012 13:28:38 -0200
From: Claudio André <>
Subject: Problems on recent AMD driver

Hi, I would like to share with you.

As reported on gitHub repository, some people have seen errors using AMD 
Catalyst 12.10 (and also 12.08). I'm sure at least some of these formats 
were working on Catalyst 12.06 (using my Radeon HD 6770).

On CPU they are working fine.


Test i did and the results:

../run/john -t -fo:md5crypt-opencl        => fail (segmentation fault)
../run/john -t -fo:rar                    => fail (segmentation fault)
../run/john -t -fo:office2007-opencl      => fail (segmentation fault)
../run/john -t -fo:office2010-opencl      => fail (segmentation fault)
../run/john -t -fo:office2013-opencl      => fail (segmentation fault)
../run/john -t -fo:bf-opencl              => ASIC hang (twice)
../run/john -t -fo:ssha-opencl            => ok, very slow (probing LWS/GWS)
../run/john -t -fo:phpass-opencl          => ok
../run/john -t -fo:raw-md4-opencl         => ok
../run/john -t -fo:raw-md5-opencl         => ok
../run/john -t -fo:raw-sha1-opencl        => ok
../run/john -t -fo:nt-opencl              => ok
../run/john -t -fo:mysql-sha1-opencl      => ok
../run/john -t -fo:mscash2-opencl         => ok
../run/john -t -fo:raw-sha256-opencl      => ok
../run/john -t -fo:raw-sha512-opencl      => ok
../run/john -t -fo:raw-sha512-ng-opencl   => ok
../run/john -t -fo:sha256crypt-opencl     => ok
../run/john -t -fo:sha512crypt-opencl     => ok
../run/john -t -fo:xsha512-opencl         => ok
../run/john -t -fo:pwsafe-opencl          => ok

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