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Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2012 19:44:23 +0200
From: magnum <>
Subject: Re: 1.7.9-jumbo-7

On 18 Sep, 2012, at 0:47 , Solar Designer <> wrote:
> I am finally going to release 1.7.9-jumbo-7.  I am still in a bad lack
> of time, but we need to push this out, so I am going to do that.

That's a good thing and I'm pretty sure it's a lot better as-is than J6 was.

> This is meant as a bugfix-mostly release.  It should not include any new
> formats, except for opencl_rawmd4_fmt.c, which was missing in
> 1.7.9-jumbo-6 by mistake (the corresponding OpenCL kernel was included).
> The 1.7.9-jumbo-6-fixes does include two additional formats beyond that,
> and it also includes pfx2john.c.  This should be dropped from the
> 1.7.9-jumbo-7 release, and I think it'd be cleaner to drop these files
> from the 1.7.9-jumbo-6-fixes branch before the release.  This should
> also involve changes to Makefile and john.c, and to CHANGES-jumbo.
> magnum - do you happen to be available to do this now?  If so, please
> reply ASAP, so that we avoid duplicate work.

Did you start already? I'm a bit late now, but I can start right away with dropping the mentioned formats.

> Speaking of CHANGES-jumbo, should its description of changes in
> 1.7.9-jumbo-6 perhaps be replaced with my announcement of 1.7.9-jumbo-6?
> Or maybe we should separate it into two files: one based on git history
> (dirty), the other human-readable (sync'ed to actual announcements).
> Maybe call them CHANGES-jumbo-git (dirty) and CHANGES-jumbo
> (human-readable).

I'll do the dirty one, using git shortlog. Then I'll test everything once again on OSX and Linux.


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