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Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2012 10:26:34 -0500
From: "jfoug" <>
To: <>
Subject: RE: Output for dynamic formats in --list=format-details (and --list=format-all-details

This change is now in magnum-jumbo (not in the J7-RC, I think it needs
better tested).  I have NOT propogated this down to jumbo-bleeding.

This change adds a new hidden flag (and updates john.c 'hidden' output). The
flag is:

puts("--raw-always-valid=C      if C is 'Y' or 'y', then the dynamic format
puts("                          always treat raw hashes as valid.");

I used a char, since we are out of bits.  This also allows more power (as
explained soon).

Also, there is a john.conf option flag added.

# if set to Y then dynamic format will always work with raw hashes. Normally
# dynamic only uses raw hashes if a single dynamic type is selected with
# the -format=  (so -format=dynamic_0 would use valid raw hashes).
DynamicAlwaysUseRawHashes = N

So if that is set to 'Y' then it will 'always' use this logic.

The way this works in dynamic is:

If (always_valid == 'Y') set to always do it.
Else if (always_valid != 'N' && option.bool(dynamicalways)==1) set to always
do it.

So, you can put DynamicAlwaysUseRawHashes=Y in john.conf, but still turn off
that behavior, using -raw-always=N

The --raw-always-valid uses the same 'bool' logic as in the config options
(true is Y y T t 1  false is N n F f 0).  I simply convert true to Y and
false to N.  So I have explicit values to check in the if logic.  

Also in this patch, the format label has been changed from 'dynamic' to
'dynamic_xx' (xx replace by the dynamic number for the sub format).  Yes,
the -format=dynamic no longer works, but that was a carry over, and not all
that important or used.  Changing this removes several other problematic and
information limiting 'bugs' that have been there for a while.

Here is the patch, but it already is committed into magnum-jumbo


>From: Frank Dittrich []
>There are some cases where I would love to see dynamic as well, e.g, if
>I am not sure I am using the right format, or if no hashes are loaded,
>but would be were dynamic included.
> .....
>Perfect. let's make a config variable for it.

Download attachment "magnum-jumbo-dynamic-raw-hash-always-and-algorithm-name.patch" of type "application/octet-stream" (4399 bytes)

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